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A good government obeys its own laws and it does not exempt itself, nor the people in charge of those enforcing those laws.
So, why does the City of Lake Geneva exempt itself from its own laws? Yes, many of the city’s ordinances, like the lighting ordinance, specifically exempt the city from the restrictions imposed on businesses and residents? Good laws do not have loop-holes but apply equally to all people.

So, do some of the city ordinances have loop-holes?

Absolutely, that is why a business cannot block its windows with a sign, and yet realtors can block all their windows with signs of many kinds. It is all in the clever wording of the ordinance that limits the size of the sign in a window but not the number of signs in one. Good enforcement of the laws applies equally to all people including the enforcement personnel themselves. The city ordinances are not applied equally to all people, because the law enforcement involved ignores most (non-serious) violations unless someone complains. So, often the laws enforced are only the ones that someone complains about. However, parking enforcement does appear to be applied equally to all! The law is like a contract, and like a contract, the law must be fulfilled, and once fulfilled those regulated by it should be released from further obligation to it.

Unfortunately, one’s police record is like an anchor or tattoo that is forever with you. One can even be charged differently for a second offense, which lets everyone know that you have been convicted before. The intent and purpose of the law should be its justification and that justification should be an integral part of the law. Unfortunately, only a few of the city’s ordinances actually include the intent of the ordinance. The responsibility for the law and the effects of law should also rest on those who make the laws.

So, if the law is unjust, then those who passed them should be held liable for that unjust law. Don’t wait for that to happen, but work to remove unjust laws when and if enough people become concerned about them.

Accident in Elkhorn

Elkhorn Accident

Semi vs pole caused Elkhorn’s busiest intersection shut down Friday afternoon, June 28


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