The Bright Side

What difference does it make if the ex-Hillmoor Golf Course property becomes a commercial/housing development or a city park?
What difference does global warming make (which is real, only the cause is in question)? To answer this question, one needs to put them in their proper perspective. How important are these issues? A lot more than we might imagine. As life within each of us, there is only one of us. There is only one large open space near the city’s center and that is the Hillmoor property, and the earth is the only place where we can live in an open space. Once consumed it will be gone.

To understand the importance of an issue, one also needs to see its impact from the perspective of time, because what we do today alters the future and makes it a little better or worse for those that follow. What is consumed today will be gone and what we build today will deteriorate; whereas, what we preserve will remain in good condition as long as those who follow do the same. It is important to not be short-sighted like a child who only knows now and lacks a concept of the future. What we spend, waste or consume today will be gone and what we do not consume and save for the future will still be there. Seeing the big picture is easier from a parachute in the sky than from the ground, but with imagination, one can picture anything, even numbers that are too big or too small to comprehend.

A billion dollars (10 million $100 dollar bills) weights 11 tons. Less than one gram of matter (the weight of a single dollar bill) was converted into energy in the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. Compared to the 13.8 billion years of existence of the Universe, a typical human life span of 80 years is less than a flash of a firefly.

So when a child of the future sees the property that was once the Hillmoor Golf Course property, what will that child see? Will they actually see an open space with fireflies that is available and open to the public or just a picture of what it could have been on an I-phone? What we do today determines the future and what happens to the Hillmoor property will either show respect and concern for those who will follow or a disregard for them. How one views and values others and what one does is a reflection of the person inside.

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