Dawson’s Creek Ranch is going to do their Barrel Racing Extraveganza  on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of July.   Ron Geman is spearheading the effort to add a first class summer cowboy festival to the wonderful things available during Lake Geneva summertimes.  Ron is a terrific horseman, organizer, and a class act as a cowboy and a man.  You will see more about this coming event in future Geneva Shore Reports as the July date approaches.

Dawson's Creek Ranch July Barrel Race


A guy named Sol works away near the base of the Riviera Pier in a small shop where he sells glass ornaments, characters and then makes a ton putting temporary tattoos on young people.  Seems just great.  The kids are happy, Sol is happy and the parents of the kids get about fifteen minutes where their adolescent lovely must stand in one place and shut up.  Uncommon good will all the way around.  Until one mom takes a photo of grisled Sol in natty beret having to touch young ladies fairly intimately, intimately enough to incur her ire.  What then?  Other competing shop owners complain the police come and scratch their heads and then everything sort of falls back to a certain ‘normality.’  Is Sol a great guy?  You bet.  Is Sol your average human, or even bear?  No chance. Interesting times we all live in.

Tattoos and Kids

Just how old is the young lady getting a temporary tattoo at Sol’s place at the front of Riviera Pier? Does it matter? Whenever society encourages the touching of young humans by older humans some kind of serious supervision is called for. Sol might need just as much protection as the youngsters he works on so intimately.


Sarah Hill, the most intelligent, vibrant alderperson serving on the Lake Geneva City Council (and yes, Ms. Chappell is right up there too):  “Mayor Jim Connors has sold the city out in appointing former city administrator Dennis Jordon as the police and fire commission.”  Tough talk?  You bet.  She proves her worth to the citizenry of Lake Geneva as Conners continues to fade into a flimsy façade of Gumby-like behavior.

Ms. Chappel, Gelting and even the Kupsic agreed with Sarah without saying those exact words.  The wonderful police chief of Lake Geneva should perceive a threatening smoking gun being aimed at him and his department when they see one.  The chief is an ex-Marine and so are a good number of his people.  The Geneva Shore Report is going with Sarah, Chappel, Gelting and Kupsic on this one.

The battle is joined.

Semper fi!

Gold in them thar Hills?

Gold Coast Lake Geneva

What is the Gold Coast doing? There they are on Broad Street, not far north of Speedo’s cafe. Gold Coast? That shabby awning does
not speak of gold. Come on people. What’s next, people hanging around out front like in front of Thumbs Up bar further up the street?

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