In Lake Geneva there is an invisible force that supports new housing developments. The force is not sinister as some might surmise, but rather, it is a multi-faceted group comprised of individuals whom all receive a financial or favored benefit from the development. There are the obvious people that benefit from the construction which include the developers, architects, contractors and their workers as well as those who supply the construction materials, concrete, lumber, plumbing, wiring, doors, windows, floors, fixtures, appliances and landscaping. There are those who profit from fees and commissions every time money, property or land changes from one hand to another such as lawyers, surveyors, relators and bankers.

Finally, there are the city officials who temporarily benefit from the new development because new developments bring in new taxes and have proportionally pay higher taxes and lower city costs for Fire, Police and Utilities than the older sections of town, thus temporarily creating surplus money they can use for those and other purposes.

New building developments acts like an adrenaline boost to the city. Their impact is almost immediate, but in terms of real benefits for the city their effect is short lived and leads to a future burden on the city as most housing developments end before they are completed and so many sit with vacant lots and unused infrastructure. A short review of recent housing developments helps illustrate this problem:

1.  Pond View Estates has vacant lots Development on Platt Ave. has vacant lots.
2. Stone Ridge (top center street) has vacant lots.
3. Hudson Trail has vacant lots.
4. Andria Dr. has vacant lots.
5. The approved Race Track development has stalled.
6. The Hillmoor Heights Development.
7. The development at the Top of Edgewood that went bankrupt and sits vacant.
8. The sparsely filled La Salle St. Apartments.
9. The Southerland Farms has yet to begin development

Will a large development on the Hillmoor Golf Course or on the Hummel property benefit the city or the city’s future? If so how?

Is there a shortage of housing for sale in Lake Geneva?
Is there a shortage of buildable lots in current subdivisions in Lake Geneva?
Is there a need to bring more people into Lake Geneva to filled vacant jobs?
Does Lake Geneva need another housing development that remains incomplete or is abandon?
The city’s record is rifled with housing developments that are left abandoned or incomplete and with the city not having a true need for a new housing development. There is no justifiable reason for the city to approve a new housing development, especially a large one on the Hillmoor Golf Course or the Hummel property. Lake Geneva is a small town and that (and the lake) are the reasons people come here to visit. It gives them a mental break away from their hectic city and suburban life.

Beachside Authorfest. On July 11th 2015 Lake Geneva Wisconsin will be hosting the first annual Beachside Authorfest. What started as a simple community-spirited idea back when the city was still knee-deep in snow has blossomed into an event that now host more than fifteen popular authors. Gathering together to bring you novels from a variety of genres including Fantasy/mythology Vampire and paranormal romance will be genres represented. Civil rights and women’s suffrage, children’s books and non-fiction on subjects like conceal carry permits and perennial gardening, will be hosted by such authors as J.D. Brown, Janet Burroway, Robb Chase, Roy Diblik, Sue Mydliak, Charlene Wilson, Donn Ziebell and many others!

In a historical first annual event destined to be a new Lake Geneva tradition these authors are joining forces to not only bring their collected works, but also to aid in a fundraiser for the Belfry Music Theatre in Walworth County. The Belfry, a community theatre set to re-open to continue the legacy of musical theatre, comedy and drama by presenting professional productions for the entire family that enrich and have a meaningful impact in their lives to build memories throughout the generations. In addition to all this, the festival is also planning to set up a stage for children’s book readings and other various performances throughout the day. For a free pass to enter family fun day filled with entertainment and prose please join the authors on the beach on July 11th in Library Park Lake Geneva from 10am-6pm.



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