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Danger Will Robinson!
Lake Geneva has a “fountain of youth”. If it does not kill you. From $120,000 to $200,000 is being spent to “enhance” the front lawn area of The Riviera Pier. The center piece of this small plot is the fountain donated by Mr. Richard Driehaus (rich hedge fund owner living on the other side of the lake). Despite the city paying five grand a couple of years ago, to make the fountain level, the fountain to this day has never been level. Using the water as a level guide, the fountain leans about five degrees to the east with almost all of the water flowing over the eastern edge of the fountain bowl. Some of the new seasonal earthen containers also tilt to one side. Perhaps the city could invest in a level (they can get a used one from NASA for about fifty thousand dollars). The second fountain issue is that only about two and a half of the nozzles spraying on the upper level still spray water at all. The third issue is the single worn out warning sign on the outer ring of the base that reads: DANGER – Keep out of Fountain – Water is Chemically Treated. Does the “danger” apply to only keeping out of the fountain or does it also apply to touching or drinking the chemically treated water? There are three issues with this sign.

1.) If it is a true danger as the sign seems to indicate, then it should be posted all around the fountain and in multiple languages.
2.) If it is a true danger, then the deterioration of the sign shows the city’s wholesale neglect, and that creates a city liability that needs to be remedied.
3.) If it is also true, about the chemically treated water being dangerous, then why can’t the city switch to using the same chemicals that are used in swimming pools to kill bacteria but are safe, and do not require a hazardous warning sign.

Adults, teenagers and little kids put their hands in the fountain water and no sign will stop this nor make it safe. But make the water safe to touch and the whole problem is solved. Or is that simply too simple? There is also a drainage issue on the sidewalk east of the fountain area. The grass slopes away from the fountain towards the sidewalk and the side walk drains toward the fountain creating a low spot where water sits. During the winter this creates an ice hazard on the sidewalk, and during the summer it creates a pond on the sidewalk with a muddy area next to it.

Angel of the Waters Fountain

Angel of the Waters Fountain, Bethesda Plaza, Central Park, New York

Factoid: This fountain is a replica of the Angel of the Waters Fountain in Central Park, New York.


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Street Repair Lake Geneva

Willkomm Excavating is going to resurface at least half of South Lake Shore Drive. Nobody would talk to GSR investigators for obvious reasons but the work re-instituted on this vital road appears to be significant enough for those investigators to conclude that Willkomm is doing what it is supposed to do. Fixing the absolute mess they made.


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