Little Gems

Handicapped slots.
What’s going to happen at the new place at BigFoot Beach that is replacing Corleone’s Restaurant? There’s a rather mysterious boat operation going into the same building and the boats are to be displayed out in front of the space (five of them is the limit placed by Town of Linn in the compromise). Three of the boats are on site. And the boats are placed right on top of the three handicapped parking stalls out front. Is that going to be the way it is going to be? Those spaces are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act so there is little doubt that new spaces along the side of the restaurant will be repainted to replace the three lost. This article is being written out of observational results hopefully leading to getting it done. Finch Tavern and Taqueria is open, getting reviews (good reviews, by the way), and needs to cater to the needs of all of its potential clients. Who’s responsible for ensuring that those handicap spaces are replaced? The owner, and both lease holders need to get those slots back, close to the main entrance. Three of the boats are there now. What will it all look like for people driving by on that beautiful stretch of road is still in question.

BigFoot Beach sand.
Those guys from Humphrey’s Contracting are doing the right thing. Their contract with the city did not require them to move on down to the swimming beach and lay some sand down over the awful tiny stones and junk that was the “beach” area. Most of the BigFoot frontage is devoted to the hundreds of boats that show up there every weekend during summer months. The tiny plot of water set aside for swimmers gets very little attention at all, except from those wanting to get in the water and not being able to afford hundred thousand dollar yachts. Humphries is to be congratulated and the GSR takes back all the suspicious stuff it has said about them being the only “no-bid” operation to do most of the work Lake Geneva assigns. A little sand goes a long way. Sometimes having sand is more important than shoveling it around.

Ricard Sullivan Candidate for Walworth County District Attorney

Richard Sullivan Candidate for Walworth County District Attorney

Sullivan! A fresh clean wind blows over from Rock County. Richard Sullivan, the assistant district attorney in Rock County has decided to move into Walworth County and is running for the D.A. position in the coming election. A long married candidate with kids and plenty of job experience. Sullivan came out of Marquette Law School and dived into prosecutorial work back in 1996. He’s been a volunteer kind of man. He’s a baseball coach at the Lake Geneva YMCA, a parish council trustee at St. Benedict’s Catholic Church and plenty more. This man has been a real hands on litigator in courts across the land, unlike the man currently holding office in Walworth County (who never tried a criminal case in his career before becoming D.A.!). You’re going to hear and see a lot of Dick Sullivan, as he campaigns in Walworth County for the republican nomination election in August.

The Curmudgeon of Baker Street.
There’s an old man living there, just back from Baker. He’s that mean old man living near the school when you were a kid. He lived in that house you didn’t even walk by. There were rumors that he had double barrel shotguns loaded with rock salt about him. The Curmudgeon of Baker Street grew older, and meaner. But he fixated, not upon passing students of no consequence. In fact, he hasn’t fastened his evil fixed stare or aimed his Browning 12 gauge at any person. He’s fixated on a property. At one time the property was a bistro and now it wants to be a bed and breakfast. The curmudgeon harassed the owners of the bistro piteously, as is his way. He engineered gaining a negative vote by unknowing council members about the place becoming a bed and breakfast. So the property sits there, because it suits the curmudgeon. The building shadow blocks the hot summer sun giving peaceful shade, although the curmudgeon never experiences peace. He never relaxes. He lurks. Waiting for anyone nearby to make a move to do something of merit. The curmudgeon cannot be beaten. He’s smart, experienced and hard-bitten to the bone. He can only be waited out. The people of lower Baker Street wait, quietly, without letting on that the curmudgeon lurks nearby. There are no children. They use other streets and avenues. The ones that survive, that is.


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