Kwik Trip on Wells Street is still waiting for general development approval.
The plan commission recommended approval of the plan, although the city council did not agree on Monday night. General business development zoning allows for the consolidation of three properties that will make up the foundational location of the new store. Traffic was also discussed heavily before approval was withheld, as the neighbors around the property remain genuinely concerned about rear access into their neighborhood that runs along Lake Geneva boulevard. Kwik Trip will not have any driveways along that road and there were credible traffic studies performed that proved the Wells Street location an appropriate location for the gas station, convenience store, and car wash.  The city council could not seem to comprehend or understand that Kwik Trip had already agreed to close any access to the backwoods neighborhood behind the development. An amendment to the plan was made regarding the traffic, including additional studies done to predict conditions in the future and to see if traffic patterns have changed and traffic control might be needed.  Kwik trip will share the cost, according to what a cost study shows at that time, with the city.

The Stop N Go is still open for business and will be until the new Kwik Trip is built on the property where the Dairy Queen and Rita’s Salon once stood. When construction is complete the Stop N Go will be razed and the parking lot, car wash, retention pond, and green space including eye-pleasing landscaping will be gone. The Kwik Trip corporation has been very accommodating to the needs and desires of the city and its residents. This is not Kwik Trip’s first rodeo, as across town it has a thriving store that has turned out to be convenient and essential to the members of the community. The foundation development is only the first step which means now that approval is given for the project the design, materials, and implementational plan need to be reviewed discussed, and agreed upon before getting the whole thing underway. This project will be a pleasant upgrade visually for this area once it reaches final approval.  A final issue was also raised about the potential for increased sound that would emanate from the use of the proposed car wash.  That issue will also be reconsidered by the plan commission before the whole thing goes back to the city council.


The Lake Geneva Clothing Company on Broad Street is open.
This new retail shop is located at the old Pacific Southwest Store location at 118 Broad Street. The shops around this storefront are incredibly pleased with this new business addition to the block. Pacific Southwest was once a thriving and popular store but was left abandoned and untouched for over three years as the owner (purportedly) went off to become the Dread Pirate Roberts, of the coast of Africa. The building was recently purchased by the owner of the T-Shirt Center on Main Street. The building needed a lot of repairs as, over the years and with no maintenance being done, the space started to deteriorate. The place has been cleaned up, renovations and repairs are done, and the Lake Geneva Clothing Company is now open. The Clothing Company carries a variety of Lake Geneva gear, bathing suits, cover-ups, and a variety of summer vacation wear. It is great to see old businesses cleaned up and new businesses coming in to replace them in the downtown area of Lake Geneva.


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