In the last issue of your Geneva Shore Report, you made a rather obvious error, which was apparently not caught by your editorial staff…such as it is.  A reporter stopped over at our home in Summerhaven last year, and we were impressed.  However, your last issue had, as a featured photo a rendering of a ‘cow.’  That was under photos of the week.  The ‘cow’ was eating grass.  If you notice now, in looking closer at the photograph, the cow you described is a bull.  I grew up on a farm, so I know the difference between a bull and a cow. The size of the animal alone should have given you a hint as to what it is, and then there was his ‘equipment hanging down, as well, right where it is supposed to be.  Just wanted to let you know.

Jane Lochowicz Summerhaven, Lake Geneva


From the Editor:
You will notice the caption on the digital version of the Geneva Shore Report is ‘asexual”. The editor did not want to use the word BULL since it was not evident whether the bovines were bulls or steers. ~~smile

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