More flowers have been added to the planters around town.
Lake Geneva is known for the beautiful, but expensive and well-maintained flowers and greenery around town during the spring and summer months. The beauty of the flowers has been enjoyed without much thought of how the flowers got there or who is behind the beauty unless the impressiveness brought about by the habitual viewing of the summer beauty is missing, and then, at that point, the questions begin. The Memorial Day weekend came fast and the Business Improvement District, along with Treasure Hut, scrambled to get a good start on getting up the hanging and potted flowers while fighting the cold nights and strong winds of early spring. The job got done, for the most part, with a few alterations and additions left to complete. The hanging plants on the light posts are filled with the same beautiful and hardy flowers placed there in previous years and will need a week or two of growing to achieve their ultimate beauty. The pots around town are being filled with flowers and greenery so, with the summer weather and a little TLC, they will be in full bloom soon. The larger ground pots around town have a little something unique and grand going on this year. The tropical Sago is a wonderful addition to the downtown greenery, really giving Lake Geneva a relaxed vacation feel. This planting would not be possible without the help of Treasure Hut, as the plant alone costs about $600 apiece, but Treasure Hut rents them and then stores the plants in their greenhouse during fall and winter to then rent them again.

Wow is all we can say! Treasure Hut always does a magnificent job.


Vaccinations have slowed in Walworth County.
Thankfully, rates are up around Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva and Linn Township has seen 60% of the eligible population receive both shots. Williams Bay is at 71% and the big winner for most vaccinated around the lake is Fontana/Walworth with 74%. All of this is encouraging. The county as a whole is still well below the 70% threshold for herd immunity with only 33.8% fully vaccinated as of 6/8/21. We encourage all to go get vaccinated to prevent a fall break out of new cases with new variants popping up.

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