Last week’s Business Improvement District (BID) meeting had great updates and ideas for the future of downtown Lake Geneva.
In the public comments section of the BID meeting the idea of pop-up museums in the unleased open storefronts was suggested, which is a creative use of the empty space downtown. Each spot could host a different type of museum or event pop-up, such as a children’s museum, to help draw in a wide range of crowds, especially families looking to entertain children. This has worked well for a lot of communities, and it would be fun to have something this unique come to the area. The idea of making downtown look like a Christmas Fairyland was also suggested, and the BID will get a presentation from the man who can supposedly make that possible at the next meeting. Staying on the subject with Christmas, it was also suggested that the BID start talking about snow removal now, instead of waiting until the last minute when policies and solutions can be hard to come up with, especially under pressure.

A new BID event is coming this summer called, Lake Geneva Live. On special Sunday evenings, there will be live music to enjoy under the stars in Flat Iron Park. Bring some beach chairs or blankets to enjoy live music sponsored by Lake Geneva House of Music. Before heading to the concert everyone is encouraged to stop by the restaurant of the week to grab some food to enjoy while relaxing and sitting in the park. All concerts are free and start at 6:30 p.m. Another fun new idea coming is a scavenger hunt during Oktoberfest. This is a great way to draw in more families and to get them involved in the festivities.


Visit Lake Geneva gets the $1.00 special treatment, and it’s well deserved.
The cute little building everyone passes by and sees in Flat Iron Park is the highly visited visitor’s center that directs residents and visitors to all the great attractions and hidden gems around Geneva Lake. Visit Lake Geneva, formerly known as the Chamber of Commerce, owns the building, but not the property. The City of Lake Geneva owns Flat Iron Park, which means that Visit needs a contract with the city in order to have the building available and open to the public in the park. Since 1971 the city and visit have had a contract, renting the property for only a dollar a year. The contract needed an update, as it has been years and possibly decades since it has been reviewed. Of course, the city benefits from the contract as the center is also the location of the public restrooms which visit heat in the colder months. The City of Lake Geneva and Visit Lake Geneva have a longstanding relationship and will continue looking out for each other, and that’s a good thing for everyone.

Animal of the Week

Duck and Lietter Lake Geneva

Animal of the Week Today’s Photo of a family of waterfowl. Sadly this is a reminder to all to not dirty our waterways. Please do not litter. Help keep our lakes clean.



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