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Where’s the money?
Who approved the work? MSI claims the Ad Hoc committee approved the work, and the Ad Hoc (headed by the mayor) blames MSI for not mentioning the cost and starting the work anyway. MSI is working with a tight schedule, as the first Riviera wedding is May 1st, and the first-floor concourse renters need to get moved in and set up before the spring opening of the Riviera on Memorial Day weekend. The financial mess is all about change order #3, which is a $365,946 order.

Change order #3 includes several items, such as; the re-engineering vs the reconstruction of the front stairway, general wall changes, tile and brickwork, millwork changes, security grilles at concession areas, awnings, ceiling tiles, plumbing changes, HVAC, and electrical changes, and emergency power backup. A lot of important deaccessions and projects are included in the scope of work in the order. The committee members agree that some of the items need approval (or not) and some of the work absolutely needs to be done. The cost is the hold-up as the city did not borrow enough and is not sure where the money is going to come from. MSI was asked to see where each of the change order #3 projects are at and if any can be stopped until the city council meets on Monday.

The issue was discussed on Monday at the city council and Karen the comptroller was there and let the city council know what payment options are available and at what amounts. The city council reviewed the three altered options that MSI provided and the payment options that the comptroller shared. The council voted on the motion to approve option B of change order #3 in the amount of $178,176.00 and to use funds from the surplus fund created by the additional beach and parking revenue collected. The council approved the work and payment but the fact that the work was started and some completed without proper approval did not sit well.


The CDC just released new rules for masks, indoor get-togethers, and social distancing.
People who have been vaccinated and are at least two weeks beyond the second shot now can get together indoors with others vaccinated or not.  They can also violate the social distancing rules inside, however difficult it may be to implement that kind of ‘proof’ thing.  How will everyone know who’s vaccinated and who is not?  Do we take their word?  Mask rules for the vaccinated are also being relaxed but to what extent is going to depend on that ‘trust me’ thing, and also what individual businesses want to do.  Walworth County has a population of just over 103,400. 16,170 have received the first shot, with 7,228 receiving the second one as of March 8th. That’s a rapidly growing number.  The pace is picking up, and the County Health Department has been great, and very effective. Still, be careful out there.

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Krissy Breber

Krissy Breber is the very wonderful waitress since 1984 at The Elk Restaurant. Krissy is as great as the food she serves.


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