Living Here

The Driehaus Fountain in front of the Riviera has become an integral part of the Riviera experience and it needs to be repaired after being damaged by high winds two weeks back.

The angel located at the very top of the basin was blown over. While repairing the fountain, the support under the large basin also needs to be repaired, and the fountain basin itself needs to be leveled so water flows over and around the whole basin, without pouring out only from the east side. The government, the justice system, and the fountain should all be on the same level. The city needs to fix the easy one, while we work on the other two.

Progress on the Theater

New Tritin Crist Magic Theater Lake Geneva

The new Tristan Crist Magic Theater on Edwards Boulevard is sprinting towards completion for this Spring. Tristan’s magic show is said to be the number one attraction in Lake Geneva, so it’s no wonder they needed a bigger space.


Cartoon of the Week
by Terry O’Neill
Cartoon GSR Lake Geneva

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