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The Ice Castle is gone, but the edifice remains.
Was it a big success? Did all the small business owners profit mightily because the traffic running through Lake Geneva was about five times greater than ever before during a winter period? How will the city ever know? The Business Improvement District meeting of last week brought up a really great point. How does anyone determine how the downtown businesses are doing financially since no downtown business is ever going to report its true gross income, and if it or they did, then the numbers would certainly be suspect. It can only be hoped that the businesses profited by the ice castle’s presence in the center of town for so long.

Ice Castle Demolition

March 13 News


Visit Lake Geneva has a new President and CEO!
Stephanie Klett is the new person selected to take Visit Lake Geneva to new heights. And she seems very qualified to do the job. Stephanie was the Wisconsin Secretary of Tourism under Scott Walker, and during her tenure tourism in the state went up forty percent in eight years. Stephanie was also Miss Wisconsin in 1992. She graduated from Beloit College in 1989. She was also the host of the longest running tourism television show in the United States (called Discover Wisconsin) from 1993 to 2011. This woman has experience in everything! Lake Geneva is collectively holding its breath as Stephanie takes over. It’s going to be some kind of ride, most apparently, and most hopefully.


Safety out there on the lake ice.
Times are changing, clocks were turned forward, temperatures are slowly warming, snow is turning into rain, mounds of snow and ice accumulation are melting, and spring is in Lake Geneva’s sights. The lake ice is affected as well, however, and can be affected greatly in a short period of time, so this is the part of the year when one must exercise great care in taking the risks of ice safety seriously. Last Saturday afternoon temperatures were in the high thirties, and before the rain set in, a large number of people, including a few vehicles, were enjoying the solid ice on the lake without much thought. The next morning, however, the lake ice was covered in a layer of fairly deep water, and only one vehicle could be seen way out toward the center of the lake. The Lake Geneva Fire and Rescue did observe this vehicle and decided to be proactive and stand by for any assistance that might be needed. The Lake Geneva Fire Department airboat was brought in and went out to the lonely car. They encouraged the driver to remove the vehicle before it was too late and were able to safely escort it off the ice. The black SUV did make its way to shore safely and this story ended well. The Lake Geneva Fire and Rescue did a great job being proactive. The ice is only going to continue to become less safe each day, and with temperatures warming this week the ice is sure to change its state quickly and with little warning.

Thin Ice

Thin Ice Lake Geneva

What a difference a day of rain and warm temperatures can make on at the frozen lake. If his SUV would have waited much longer the standing water on the ice may have been to deep to drive through, not to mention the ice strength weakening by the hour.


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