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There was a stop sign that has been knocked over in a Lake Geneva parking lot.
This event brought to attention a report that stated that “close to 70 percent of motorists fail to stop at stop signs in the absence of competing traffic.” Watch traffic in Lake Geneva and you will routinely see motorists fail to come to a complete stop at stop signs, so the 70% statistic seems reasonable. It is troublesome that so many motorists ignore the law. But to comply with the law is an unnecessary waste of gas, time and does not interfere with safety when there is no cross traffic.

So, perhaps the definition of the “Stop Sign” should be changed to mean: “Slow” and “stop when traffic or pedestrians are in the area,” or in some cases just replace the stop sign with a yield. Before this idea is rejected as ridiculous, understand that this is one of the underlying principles of roundabouts, which is: “yield to those on your left,” in place of a stop sign, and that for 50 plus years cars sat at stoplights waiting for a light to change to make a right turn, until the free right turn became law.

Fallen Sign

Fallen Stop Sign Lake Geneva

A stop sign laying near a curb here in Lake Geneva. Watch where you are driving, motorists probably are missing this necessary stop!


There are lots of new businesses opening in Lake Geneva, as the winter recedes. The owners of Edie are opening a second store just a few doors down called Marigold, which will focus on accessories and some beach wear. There will be a new jewelry store on Center Street, where the optometrist used to be. That’s a pretty big space, so it’ll be exciting to see what kinds of jewelry the store will carry, and how big a selection it will have. There will be a beef jerky store coming to downtown on the corner of Geneva Street and Broad Street, next to Frank’s Original. It’s great to see that something new and unique is coming to town.

A new antique home decor store will also be opening on Broad Street and will be called Stuff for Your House. Jody Mikkelsen, a long time native, will be the owner. MOD pizza over in the Walmart parking lot is moving along nicely and they will soon offer unique individual, artisan-style pizzas. Then there is the new Tristan Crist Magic Theatre 100 N. Edwards Blvd., across from Walmart and behind Aldi’s grocery store. The new place will allow Tristan to seat 150 people with 50 parking whereas with his downtown theatre attendees had to use metered parking. There are indeed many new and exciting stores to keep a watch on this spring!

SoHo Boutique Lake Geneva

SoHo Boutique on Main Street is getting a lot of interest and attention from everyone walking by!


Spring is here and that means clean-up has begun.
Before you start raking the yard and piling up the curb with the dead unwanted leaves, weeds and debris that has been buried under the mountains of snow received this winter, everyone should know what the cities guidelines are. Brush, (six inches in diameter and six feet in length) may be placed on the curb edge from April 1st through May 31st. Crews will start in the early morning hours about 6 a.m. on May 31st and go through each ward once to pick up the stuff. Anything placed on the curb after that will not be picked up. There is no pick up after that May 31st date, so if any materials are found on the curb after the date the homeowner could be subjected to removal fees and fines. There is an area available at the Lake Geneva Street Department on Carey Street which has a designated area for brush disposal. It’s open twenty-four hours a day if anyone needs to dispose of before or after the spring pick-up dates. If the debris is bagged make sure it is unbagged and the garbage bag is thrown in the garbage cans provided nearby. There is also curbside brush pick up in the fall from October 3rd through November 25th.

Spring Cleaning


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