The Bright Side

Coyote rescue.
Ice issues, or the lack of ice issues. Last Saturday the Lake Geneva Fire and Rescue unit was called out to the lake for a dog (or what looked like a dog) that seemed to be in danger. The rescue team did not hesitate, and were on the lake, in the ice boat, in almost no time, ready to assist. When the animal was located, and they drew closer, the realization of what they were dealing with hit them. It was not a dog; it was a coyote. After a short hesitation, the team managed to get the coyote off the dangerously thin ice and onto solid ground.

Another successful mission accomplished, with nobody or anything injured! While all this was going on, the spectators grew and many wondered why there were so many people on the ice, fishing or just standing around, while a rescue was happening. On the nearby Delavan Lake, another close call was taking place. This last Saturday three fishermen, brave enough (to put it nicely) to venture out on to the ice of Delavan Lake, all fell through and were forced to swim to shore. They are very fortunate rescue wasn’t needed, and they survived the freezing temperatures of the water. With spring here, and warm weather settling in, the ice is disappearing quickly, so think twice before going onto the ice. Please!


An extremely rare event!
The City of Lake Geneva canceled the city council meeting for March 25, 2019, for the lack of a quorum. Perhaps there is a sinister reason behind the lack of a quorum, and it may start with a list of questions that were being considered for agenda:

item 9c (a Mother’s Day walk application filed by Side by Side.) In the packet under the application for Temporary Class B (liquor) license the organization box check marked was “Chamber of Commerce or similar Civic or Trade Organization,” and it listed Side by Side as the name of that organization. So, is Side by Side a charity or civic or trade organization, similar to the Visit Lake Geneva? The $10 application was for serving wine at 17 different locations in the city. Included in the application information was a page titled “Mother’s Day Wine Walk Permit Information.” In the last paragraph was the sentence “We have designated Side by Side as the official charity, that will be receiving a percentage of the proceeds from the event.” However, the “we” is not defined, nor is the percentage of the proceeds listed, nor is the word ‘proceeds’ explained, which may or may not be the entire amount collected or netted. One may wonder if the above concerns were the real reason behind the lack of a quorum, and the city council meeting being canceled.

Who were the absent alderpersons that created the lack of a quorum? Nobody’s talking yet.

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Cartoon by Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva

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