Living Here

Dunn Lumber is and has been, a wonderful family-owned business in Lake Geneva for over a hundred years.
The owners and staff have always treated each customer like they were family. This is not always the case at big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s, not that they are not good at what they do; it’s just not the same as shopping at a small-town store, though. Dunn Lumber, however, was sold on February 28th. The new owners are the Stan and Rose Lumber Company, based out of Dubuque Iowa. They are planning on keeping things as they are, even the name. They appear to want to keep the small town personal touch the store has provided everyone for over a hundred years.

The Ice Castle is due to close this Saturday, March 9th.
The Lake Geneva Ice Castle has taken over the Riviera Beach for well over the six weeks it has been open for business. Who knows how long it will be before the ice is all melted, equipment and construction materials removed, and the area cleaned up and back to looking like a beach? Will this all be done before April 1st when beach passes go on sale at city hall? The visitors it drew to Lake Geneva helped provide great amounts of foot traffic during some of the typically slowest periods for the local merchants and hospitality establishments in and around Lake Geneva. In that respect, Lake Geneva benefitted, and the talk around the city and business owners has been for a return visit from the Ice Castle Company.

It has been a tough winter, and the castle has brightened the spirits, added excitement, and created a bit of magical fantasy for many, near and far. That deserves some praise. Now let’s see if everyone is still pleased when it is all melted and gone.

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