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In Wisconsin, the population actually experiences winter, unlike people living in Florida, Hawaii and Bahama’s.
Winter can be beautiful, calming and peaceful, like if one is watching gently falling snow. Or it can be a frightening experience, like being stranded in a blizzard. But since the media is constantly warning everyone about the negative and dangerous events in winter, it is a good time to also think about the good parts of a Wisconsin winter.

In winter there are no mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, ticks or flies. There are no allergies from pollen, no high pollen counts or UV warnings, no poor air quality warnings, no temperature humidity warnings, no hurricane or rare thunderstorms. There is also almost no lightning and its extremely rare for a tornado to occur. Also, on the positive side, are the holidays of Christmas and New Year’s, presents, cookies, hot chocolate, hot apple cider, warm blankets, quilts, cuddling, warmth from a fireplaces, and winter activities including making snowmen and snow angels, snowboarding, sledding, skiing, ice skating, snowmobiles, hockey and ice fishing. If you don’t like winter in Wisconsin and don’t enjoy winter activities, then winter is the best time of the year for you to take a vacation and enjoy the results of a Wisconsin winter by being somewhere else where it is warm.

Perhaps the best part of Wisconsin winter is that it enables everyone to see and appreciate the rebirth of life in the spring that follows it. It takes a certain amount of cold to appreciate warmth; it takes a certain amount of darkness to appreciate the light, and it takes a certain amount of winter to truly experience the joy of the coming of spring.

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