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As long as Dan Draper remains Lake Geneva’s city attorney the games will continue.
The map clearly shows Main Street closed and all the cross streets blocked and pavement to be removed on the 800,900 & 1000 blocks in March and not replaced until May. This project, as shown and described, would be extremely disruptive to businesses in the area, and it was planned without prior warning to the businesses or the police and fire departments. On investigation, contrary to the map and timeline, access will be provided except for short periods as required by the construction. However, in reviewing the steps that led up to this, it was noticed that on January 3rd, 2018 there was a special joint meeting between the utility commission and the public works committee and the action taken in that meeting appears to be in violation of the “Open Meeting Law” as recorded in the meeting’s minutes which should make the bid approval by the utility and plan commission null and void. Agenda item No. 7 pertained to the Main Street Reconstruction Project, which was a closed session with respect to litigation in which it (the city) is, or is likely to, become involved pertaining to Main Street Reconstruction Project bids. This item was put on by Attorney Draper. Agenda item No. 8 was a motion to return to open session and to take action on items discussed in the closed session. However, the action taken does not pertain to the litigation itself, and despite a comment that “no official action will be taken other than those listed on the agenda” after the closed session on a 6-0 affirmative vote, the Utility Commission awarded the Main Street Water Main & Reconstruction bid to Willkomm Excavation & Grading Inc. not to exceed $335,812.63 ($320,812.63 to Willkomm & $15,000 to Kapur for engineering services) paid by the Utility Commission. Then the public works committee, on a 3-0 vote approved the expenditure of the utility commission in an amount exceeding 250 thousand dollars for the Main Street project, and on another 3-0 vote approved an additional $334,116.17 to Willkomm and $38,468.00 to Kapur for engineering services. The reason why the city is or is likely to be, involved in litigation pertaining to the Main Street Reconstruction Bids, why there was no public discussion about the bids prior to the vote, and why or by whom the misleading map was posted on the city’s website or notice, remains a mystery. But it is a serious issue when action is taken by committees and commission without prior public notice, especially when the published notice highlights that no action will be taken. Perhaps it is the very action that the city was about to take that is the cause of the litigation. Something is being hidden from the public, but what is it and why?

Main Street Reconstruction

Main Street Reconstruction Project Lake Geneva

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Brenda Lacourcierc

Brenda Lacourcierc is a nurse (LPN) at Aurora Health Urgent Care near Piggly Wiggly on the north end of Lake Geneva. This wonder of a woman will fix whatever you’ve got that needs fixing. Just being with her will make you feel better and then there’s how good she is. Wow.

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