Harbor Master Report. 
Lake Geneva’s Harbor Master Steve Russel is doing a great job cleaning up and simplifying the boat slip and buoy rentals in Lake Geneva. As of last week, the only available rentals were three buoys. The issue with the three lagoon slips that have been the least favorite rentals is still causing frustration for the harbormaster and still hard to lease. Lagoon slips 18,31, and 32 are the spots and with all being small and a challenge for any boat to maneuver in and out of due to size and location the thought of combining two spots was talked about as well as closing one of them. The latest use on the table for the slips is to lease them out for smaller watercraft. The harbormaster is also in the process of coming up with a solution for the congestion of vehicles, trailers, and boats at the city boat launch.

The current solution in the idea phase is to use the parking lot next to Seminary Park for staging. When lines of boats are waiting to launch they can be directed to Lot I and wait for a text or call when it is their turn. This would clear up congestion at the launch and allow the highly traveled Wrigley Drive to flow a bit smoother. Dense traffic and patrons are always a concern and the way things are here in Lake Geneva all summer long so any solution to make things run more efficiently is welcomed. The beach kiosks displayed a lot of frustration last summer as lines fa block long at times formed. The VIPLY app is going to be implemented this summer. This app has been in the works for a couple of seasons first introduced to the city by Linda frame the previous harbor master and is sure to provide visitors with a quick easy way to get a beach pass and skip the lines.

Lagooon Slips

Lagoon Slips Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva Lagoon Slips. Managed by Steve Russel, the Harbor Master.


Event of Saturday, May 22.
The Super Hero Shuffle 5k/10k run will be at 10 a. m.  Be a superhero and help support families affected by childhood cancer. The Super Hero Shuffle is this Saturday, May 22nd starting at 10 a.m. at Mars Resort W4098 South Shore Drive Lake Geneva. The event is all about having fun, getting out and moving, and supporting the Kisses from Keegan and Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Come dressed as your favorite superhero and run or walk in the 5k/10k run. You can preregister at the Super Hero Shuffle Facebook page or register the day of. Children ages six to thirteen can sign up the day of the race for a one-mile fun run for $10.00, and kids up to age seven can run free of charge in a 100-yard dash. Whether you run or not the day will be full of great outdoor family fun including music, food, raffles, and much more.


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