The Lake Geneva American Legion.
Let’s hear it for this chapter, which begins to reclaim some of its social responsibility and good sense.  The ‘carry conceal’ gun signs are gone from the American Legion Property!  Yes, so the community, whether the Legion illegally pursues allowing the gun training classes on its premises or not, at least bows to the idea that maybe, just maybe, at this time in our country’s troubles, that advertising gun shooting classes is not exactly the image that Lake Geneva wants to portray, either to its citizenship or to visitors coming in from all over during the summer days.  The head of this chapter of the legion is paid almost $33,000.00 a year by the government to operate the chapter in Lake Geneva.  Maybe the leader of the legion is actually beginning to consider earning his keep.  In any event, the news is good news and Lake Geneva will continue to support the legion and the veterans who are members.


Maybe it is high time that the City of Lake Geneva begins to work a bit more closely with Gage Marine.
No business or organization around the lake is more involved with Lake Geneva City tourism, attendance, or even shopping by everyone.  The boats come in and out and the people flock to the boats and off of them. Those people circulate through the city and help support all manner of the city’s business community.

Gage Marine should be a part of the Business Improvement District, as should the Grand Geneva, Home Depot, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, and even Target. They all have a stake in Lake Geneva and Lake Geneva has a stake in them or inputting a stake in them.  Gage Marine is coming up on lease renewal and the current city leadership should get right on top of negotiating an extension of the lease for the Riviera Pier areas already under lease by the company.  The virus is letting up.  Gage Marine took one hell of a hit over the last year or more, and every entity around the lake should have an abiding interest in helping the company recover.

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