Soon to be ex-senator, hopefully, Ron Johnson.
This man continues to tell one public lie after another, and even though those lies are revealed by the mass media they are, not nearly, viciously attacked in the way they should be.  Johnson said last week that people are dying in the thousands from reactions to the vaccines.  This is poppycock and the CDC and every other scientific authority say so.  The vaccines being used to combat the current virus are among the most clinically tested of all time, as there have been over a hundred and fifty million inoculations.  That’s a pretty big ‘clinical test’ and the results are pouring in.  Almost no deaths at all. Johnson said that people who’ve had the virus should not take the vaccines because they might die from an overreaction to their immune systems.  More poppycock, as there have been no reactions of that nature ever observed or reported. Ron Johns is not stupid.  He’s simply taking advantage of being outrageous in order to garner attention and to hold onto power.  Are there enough dumbed-down electors left in Wisconsin to continue him on in the office, with the coming elections only a year and a half away?  It is hoped not.  Wisconsin needs some new young minds and voices to conduct itself out of the republican mess these current representatives have placed it in.


Enjoy a girl’s weekend getaway in Lake Geneva.
The annual Women’s Weekend will take place in Lake Geneva from May 14th through May 16th. This year’s event has been revamped, including the addition of a new theme: ‘Let it Grow,’ which includes favorite workshops from the past, along with new classes to peak your curiosity. Workshops include trivia, Tristan’s Magic Show, a fashion show, a wine glass painting, wine tasting, Baker House Tea Time, a cocktail cruise, and much more. Registration and check-in will take place at Avant coffee and bicycle shop where attendees will receive a goody bag, coupons, and weekend information. After checking in, attendees may want to enjoy a class at Pesche’s, learning about floral arrangements while then going on to making their own bouquets to take home. There are also a wide variety of restaurants and shops to visit and enjoy while strolling through Lake Geneva.


The first Elkhorn Antique Flea Market of the season is almost here and celebrating, this year, its fortieth season at the fairgrounds.
On Sunday, May 16th, the season starts and the market will be open from, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., and tickets are $5 at the gate. Guests can browse over 500 vendors inside and outside. If you look back to 1982 a good show was fifty dealers but a couple of collectors and antique dealers saw potential and now add a zero and the show has over 500 vendors. They offer a wide range of furniture in the rough to refinished, glassware to pottery, advertising to linens, decoys to dolls, and everything else in between. The Elkhorn Antique Market truly offers a day of fun for all ages. You never know what you’re going to find and grandpa’s treasures could show up and bring back some fond memories of years past. The picking is great and the people are wonderful. If you work up an appetite while browsing around make sure to stop at one of the many food vendors throughout the grounds. Parking is always free.

Elkhorn Flea Market



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