The Riviera continues to make progress on the renovations.
With the opening weekend fast approaching, the finishing touches to the renovations are in everyone’s thoughts. The plan is to be open for the retail spaces so they can set up shop by the middle of May and be open for the public on Memoria Day weekend. The Grand Opening event is already in the works and is scheduled to be held on July 15, 2021. The Lake Geneva mayor, Charlene Klein, is excited about this event and wants to make the day extra special for the residents of Lake Geneva. A previous mayor in the 1930s dedicated a day to all the people who call Lake Geneva home, and Mayor Klein loved that sentiment and is therefore declaring July 15th to be Lake Geneva Day. The residents will be highlighted and the city along with the Riviera will be celebrated.

Anyone with a parking sticker will get free parking all day, and anyone and everyone who attends will get to enjoy the Riviera and the Grand Opening. The day will conclude with a free concert in the park. Some of the surrounding communities are just as excited as Lake Geneva is for the Riviera to open. The Grand Geneva decided to show its appreciation by donating a Yamaha C7 Grand Piano to the Ballroom and Lyle TV in Elkhorn graciously donated a TV monitor to the project. Previously donated was also a beautiful chandelier which has been hung in the center of the grand ballroom. Now we anxiously wait for this grand re-opening.

Dirty alleys and curbs are a problem and not the look Lake Geneva is trying to project to residents or visitors.
At the last BID meeting, the issue of litter was brought up and discussed by the board members. The biggest complaint seemed to be with the alleys behind drinking establishments. The bar debris left behind after the patron’s head home is not a good look and has become an eyesore to the daytime patrons of the BID district. Who is in charge of the clean-up? Are the establishments that the garbage is coming from responsible even if they do not own it? Is it up to the other businesses bothered by the mess forced to come in early every day and clean up before they open their doors?

The City Administrator, David Nord, did not say who is in charge, or if anyone is technically in charge, but the city is aware of grease from restaurants being dumped illegally in alley drains and would like help in policing the situation.  If you see this being done, as a citizen, please call the Lake Geneva Police Department. Also, the city does run a street sweeper from time to time through city alleys, but it’s apparently, according to the BID board, not often enough. Lake Geneva is a popular nightspot for locals and visitors, to celebrate, have fun, and get a little rowdy from time to time. This is okay and welcomed for the most part, but the mess left behind needs to be handled.

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