Thanks to the laid back one percent attitude and performance of Charles L. (Chuck) Colman, chairman of the supposed Lake Geneva Conservancy, the newly established Lake Use Committee, off to a rousing return two weeks ago, limped along circling to nowhere last week.
Charles Emerson Winchester III might be a better moniker for Chuck. He managed to Charles L Colman-Geneva Lake Conservancyoverwhelm everyone on the committee about the rich people’s canvas guards for their boats. The committee had a concern about how much sun the covers were blocking for underwater fauna and flora. Without preamble or reason Charles managed to get the committee to vote to agree that whatever the canvas duck people want to do is okay with the them. And so life goes around Lake Geneva. Later in the meeting, Charles the third managed to dither real facts into possible future fiction by waltzing around the potential BigFoot road re-route. It would be just so hard to simply put more sand in to make a real beach there or provide rocks and riprap to protect the road. Of course, he was supported by Jim Conners, who passes for the mayor of Lake Geneva, although whose pocket he’s in is still up for grabs.


Lake Geneva’s pesky lake flies are back. These pesky “lake flies” are just one of 10,000 species of flies worldwide. They don’t bite but they are kind of a nuisance for a week or two in the late spring. One could be glad that there are a lot fewer them this year; however, the

larvae and pupae stage of the flies also serve as an important food items for small fish in Lake Geneva’s ecosystems and they form an important fraction of the macrozoobenthos in Lake Geneva. The reduced number a flies coincides with Geneva Lake Environmental Association concern over the reduced number of macrozoobenthos (food supply for small fish) found in Lake Geneva this year. Whether this is a delayed response to the invasive fingerling Muskie release by the DNR a couple of years ago remains to be verified. The Muskies may have upset the natural balance in the lake by eating (decreasing) the medium sized fish that eat the smaller fish which resulted in an increase on small fish that then diminished the food supply that resulted in fewer lake flies. Everything in a system is interrelated and everything in the system affects everything else in the system.

Parking revenue sharing outrage. What’s going on that’s so outrageeous? Let’s go back a bit to the quiet nastiness of Mr. Keefe, of Keefe Real Estate sharing revenue from parking meters place in stalls he sold the city. What’s wrong with that arrangement? It allows a private person,Robert Keefe-Keefe Real Estate with the help of the city, hold parker’s accountable for fees and fine using driver’s license and registration refusal as a punishment. Civil governments are allowed this onerous and many times draconian bill collecting tool. Now there are three financial wizards, including Mr. Keefe, who are taking advantage of an oversight in the law. Stand by for a lawsuit. That’s right. There is no way any court, not even the ‘serendipity’ court of Walworth County, that’s going to allow private citizens to get away with allowing private citizens such power. But it is going to take a lawsuit. The next time you get a parking ticket in Lake Geneva go into the city hall building and file an inquiry into who really owns the parking space you are being fined for abusing. You may be quite surprised and you may just want to take the “owners” of your parking space to court.

Parlking Meter Lake Geneva


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