Did Tom from Simple buy the old wreck of a theater on Broad Street? Only a very few people know. The Geneva Shore Report does not know. What’s happening with the discussions about distribution of the TIF #4 funds is a bit fearful. If $800,000 is set aside for “improvements” to be made to the theater because it is a blight to the town, then what are the strings that come with such a disbursement?

Right after the announcement that money would be paid out for improvements the property goes “under contract” according to the sign located on the outside of the theater. Money is also set aside to pay whomever develops Hillmoor for improvements there. A bankruptcy expert firm cranks its buzzard-like cranium around and directs its beak toward purchase of the land. What kind of linkage is going on there in both of those deals? Who’s getting paid what and for what and what kind of information can be ferreted out before the money simply disappears into warm dark pockets?

Where in hell is the mayor of Lake Geneva, Jim Connors, and why isn’t he explaining everything to everyone who might listen? There are a lot of behind the scenes secrets being held back from the public. It’s high time some of this information is trotted out for the inspection and approval of everyone.

Luxus Limo. Anytime, anywhere, any situation…
They come and get you and take you in the first place if that’s what you order. Five a.m. arrival at O’Hare with one day’s notice? No problem. Luxus can do a ten-person pickup, all well “adjusted” folks from celebrating, to be taken home from a sports bar, as well. Luxus is there. Mercedes Limo. Giant television in back. Wonderful driver. Don is the owner. Ex-Marine. Viet Vet. Class act of a man. Class act of a limo service.

Luxus Limo of Lake Geneva


The very sincerest form of compliment. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel came back with their “Green Sheet,” a form of newspaper reporting of local coverage they have not used in decades. The very first grouping of commentary they titled “THIS IS US.” You will note that the very first grouping of local commentary the Geneva Shore Report puts out every week is titled” “OUR PLACE.” The Geneva Shore Report does not expect any recognition, unless the Geneva Shore Report is found to be wrong about something. It is surprising, that it took them four years to find the GSR. But then, the GSR is totally local and just a little bit snarky and raucous. The Journal Sentinel is, well, what can be said?

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