Living Here

Temporary stop sign.
The oddly placed temporary stop sign at the intersection of Broad and Geneva Street was put in place during the Main Street road construction. Will it remain after Main Street work is finished and open to traffic? Well, the construction is over. The stop sign is still there. Many Lake Geneva residents have made their opinions public in favor of the stop sign remaining. However, this intersection has been an issue with traffic backed up waiting to get through during summer weekend days, and many have voiced safety concerns with this intersection (as well as with many other intersections) not only because of vehicular traffic but with pedestrians crossing the street. With the parking on many of the downtown streets, a driver proceeding into that intersection needs to pull into the intersection a bit to see if the coast is clear or not. If this intersection is to remain a four-way stop, then the proper signs in the proper expected places must also be installed or the city will be liable for damages in the event of a collision.

Taste of Lake Geneva.
This Saturday, June 2nd from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. in Flat Iron Park. This is a wonderful event that offers a wide variety of Lake Geneva’s great food. All the great restaurants set-up shop and have sample size portions of their best dishes. The public can go from one stand to another and check the food out for only a few bucks and there is a small admission fee. This event is a wonderful community gathering place, with great food, drink, and live entertainment. Hope to see you there.

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