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Go Figure.
For White River Holding LLC to ask the plan commission or the city council to act on an issue that is related to an active lawsuit that it has filed against the City of Lake Geneva, is to use this allegedly spurious lawsuit against the city as an intimidation tactic to bias those members of Plan Commission and the City Council into making a favorable decision for them.

For this reason, and for a sense of justice, any request for a comprehensive plan change from White River Holding LLC should be tabled until such time as the lawsuit is settled and the case is closed or resolved in some other way. White River Holding LLC can deny that the lawsuit has anything to do with its new application, but like with the approval of the Geneva Ridge/Hummel comprehensive plan change, it has everything to do with the lawsuit against the city. Furthermore, any approval of a comprehensive plan change for White River Holding will be like the Geneva Ridge/Hummel Comprehensive Plan change, in that it will also let any guilty city officials (who may have caused the lawsuit) off without being held accountable for their actions.

Hiding and/or destroying evidence, as was done in the fearful reaction to the Geneva Ridge/Hummel lawsuit, where computer hard drives were destroyed to protect the guilty, and then was followed by making the change to the city comprehensive plan to settle the lawsuit was wrong, and must not be repeated today with White River Holding LLC. In the opinion of the GSR, White River goes down with Hummel in being considered a predatory developer willing to force the city to do anything it wants to make a buck, and they are both alike in one other important respect. They are both Illinois operations.

Go figure.

Expensive Cup?

Yeti Cup

$38.00 for a coffee container? Yes, the Yeti is that good. And Donald hates the Yeti company. You decide.

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