For eleven days the City of Lake Geneva went without a single city meeting being scheduled, held or attended.
The apparent shutdown started on April 25thand went clear through May 5th, during which time the city’s council, committees, and commissions were all silent. There were no council, committee or commission meetings. So, what was the city up to? We suspect “nothing” and they did a good job of it. So, there is nothing to object to.

But there may be hidden motives or meaning behind this council, committee and commission shut down. Yes, hidden right in the exact middle was May 1st(the Russian’s May Day celebration), so perhaps there is a Russian connection to our local elections where all the candidates ran unopposed and won.

There does seem to be an obvious connection and similarity between the local situation, where everyone knew who would win before the first vote and Russian elections, where they also already know who will win.  Perhaps there is an election connection that should be investigated. Maybe city attorney Dan Draper could be appointed as an unbiased council to investigate. Why were all candidates unopposed and why are so many residents unwilling to run for city office?  Dan should be able to speak from experience because he also ran unopposed in his last reelection and he may have some insight into why no one else in the city dared run against him

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