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Ken Dillingham.
The name means something to quite a few people, especially if they do business over the front counter of the U.S. Post Office in downtown Lake Geneva.  This special man is controversial, mostly because of his rather cutting intellect and rough and tumble sense of humor.  For the effectiveness of his work and the enjoyment most get from his humor, it is worth it.  Not to everyone though.  Ken has his detractors.  He’s a preacher at Wayman Church in Delavan when he’s not doing postal work and has married quite a few residents located in the communities surrounding Geneva Lake.  Ken was the officer in charge at the Darien Post Office prior to being transferred to Lake Geneva back in 2009.  He holds a B.A. degree from Trinity College and has been with the USPS for thirty years.  What a pleasure it is to encounter him in downtown Lake Geneva.  Hats off to the management of the Lake Geneva office for having the gumption to give the public more than just a ‘simple clerk’ to help get the mail processed and out.  Ken Dillingham is definitely not simple, and that’s a good thing.


There was a saying GIGO (garbage in; garbage out) and it meant that the quality of the output is a function of the input.
Although originally it was applied to computer computing sciences where the quality of the information feed into the computer determined the quality of the analysis that came out of it, the concept also applies to our local government. Characteristics and loyalties of those that we elect, determine the characteristics and loyalties of those who they hire and appoint to committees and commissions. The problem with the City of Lake Geneva’s city government is not the individuals but over time the collection of similar loyalties and associations has infiltrated the entire city government and that association has taken control over our city government.

With all elected officials running unopposed, there is little chance that it will be changed in the near future. Even if there is an opposition candidate, the number of city employees, their family, friends, associates and those affected by the city’s expenditures is often enough to determine the election results. So although there has been a change of the top city officials and some commission members, there has been a consistent bond of intertwined associations controlling the city. It was maintained by switching those in positions of power among a small group (including Jordan, Hartz, Connors & several others). But although they are in control of the city, they do not control public opinion that so far it has stopped the conversion of the Riviera’s top floor into a restaurant and the closing down of Wrigley Drive.

So what will the city administration do on these issues? The city will delay the needed repairs to the Riviera and not even do cosmetic improvements such as power washing the green mold/moss off the Riviera’s cement tile roof, repainting the white columns and they may even delay the repair of the Riviera fountain, while they continue to spend more to research what can be done. That way the Riviera will continue to look worse until the public opinion wanes and they get the repurposing that they want. Symbols like the Riviera, the White House and Statue of Liberty need to be maintained as they are! Not converted for some other use or personal profit, because with the conversion, the spirit and respect for those who built it are erased from the memory for future generations. Things don’t just happen they are caused and the results of what we do will either benefit or harm those in the future and little is worse to those in the future than erasing important elements of their past/history before they are even born.

Cartoon of the Week

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill


Mia Faccia.
Mia Faccia is on the move! They are leaving their location at 235 Broad Street in downtown Lake Geneva and have moved to the business park in Geneva National at 715 Hunt Club Road. They will still offer the same amazing services with the same friendly staff. The move started Sunday, May 12 and should be completed Wednesday, May 15. Thursday will be the first day at the new location! They will be expanding and opening a new boutique next door so come check out the wonderful new collection!

Person of the Week

Ken Billingham

Ken Dillingham, the notably different guy at the post office. When encountered, he can seem
rough around the edges but in reality, he has a marshmallow heart of gold.


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