It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Last week’s Business Improvement District meeting (BID) focused on Christmas updates and happenings around Lake Geneva.  All the wonderful holiday events provided by the BID have a new name this year, the ‘Streets of Lake Geneva Christmas Market.’ This is to encourage everyone to shop local and enjoy what the wonderful downtown district has to offer. This year’s holiday theme is ‘It’s a wonderful Lake Life’ which businesses can be creative with decorating for the window display competition.

New to this year’s competition is the BID’s partnership with Badger High School’s Advanced Marketing students. The students will be divided into three for four teams with three or four students on each team who will be assigned a window to decorate in the downtown area. This is a great way to incorporate giving back to the community and a school lesson which is a win-win for all those involved. Also new this year will be the mayor choosing her favorite window display along with the traditional categories of social media favorite, the best interpretation of the theme, best overall display, best use of the product, and most creative and original. Voting will take place from November 13th through December 31st. Other holiday events hosted by the Streets of Lake Geneva are the strolling Santa, tree lighting ceremony, Christmas music playing throughout downtown and a location to visit Santa so the kiddos can share their wish lists and have their picture taken.

Even the decorations downtown are getting a new look with alternating snowflakes and wreaths on the light poles and twinkle lights brightening up the Brunk Pavilion, beach pavilion, and fencing. We have a lot to look forward to this holiday season and there’s nowhere better to celebrate than downtown Lake Geneva.


A city-wide access control system has been discussed amongst city officials and city employees for years, and it’s now to the point of necessity.
Some of the departments are still running on a DOS system. What year is this?  City hall, police, fire, Library, and the DPW are some of the areas that are in need of upgrades to the system. Last week, at the finance, licensing, and regulation meeting, the committee discussed and recommended approval for the proposal on getting the project started. The next move will be made by the city council (possibly Monday.

The city currently uses two access control systems, but both are out of date and no longer supported. The goal is to have one system for the entire city that would accommodate growth to all the buildings. Departments would be able to manage their areas and allow approved employees access to other city departments. This will allow the city to run safely and efficiently.

The recommendation from staff and department heads is for Complex Security Solutions to be the chosen product and vendor. Their system is currently used by Gateway and is praised highly by the head of security there. The project would cost about $25,000.00 This proposal could be included in this year’s budget.  Municipalities, like intelligence, insurance, banking, and many other operations have gone to using special fobs instead of keys to get in and out of offices.  Regular locking doorknobs are now completely outdated.


What the City of Lake Geneva needs is another study or survey?
The city is allotting $40,000 for a survey to see what other cities are paying for employees.  Why not just divide up the money and give it to the city employees as a bonus?  Who cares what other cities are paying.  Lake Geneva employees are well paid and getting a raise.  Come on!  Only $24,000 is initially allotted to be spent (how about one employee using a phone to call other cities?) and more will be paid if there are extra expenses.  Really?  How is it the GSR can predict without fail that the extra expenses will come in at about $16,000?


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