America, and Lake Geneva’s, new interest in school boards.
Superintendent Gottinger, the head of the school district governing Lake Geneva schools (elementary and high) is not going to seek the superintendent job in June.  He announced that on Friday afternoon.   Mr. Gottinger, well-credentialed and experienced for the job, has never been considered much of anything other than an impediment to progress for the school district, and he’s always been considered arrogant and difficult to deal with.  That does not mean to infer he was a bad school superintendent.

The school district is in fine shape financially and in every other way.  There has to be credit for that.  He’s most probably leaving because being a school superintendent these days has become a politically dangerous and uncomfortable position.  How does a school board inform an inflamed public, all upset about critical race theory being taught to their children? That critical race has never been, nor is now, nor is planned for any future, to be taught in Lake Geneva schools is kind of funny.  Many parents of the children in the Lake Geneva School district have attended meetings, more or less proving that their kids need the education that they (quite obviously) never got.


Good things are occurring at the City of Lake Geneva police department.
This is the second year the police department is joining the ‘Shop With a Cop’ initiative and they are off to a great start. This program assists kids less fortunate during the holidays and gives them a Christmas. Each child chosen from the local school district to be a recipient will be picked up by a cop and taken on a shopping spree to buy items for themselves and their family. Thankfully, donations have been pouring in and the police department has reached its goal to sponsor the kids this holiday. What a warm and cozy feeling it is to know that our community cares about our youth and police officers. It’s wonderful to see them come together and support such an amazing cause.

The police department is close to reaching another goal thanks to donations from the public. The department is looking to build a memorial to Lake Geneva’s fallen officer who was killed while assisting in a burglary near his home. Patrolman Exner was off duty at the time, July 19, 1931, and was shot in the chest by a suspect after trying to assist a patrolman on duty. The department would like to honor him with a memorial with the help of his family that sends yearly donations and attends the yearly award ceremony and still shows support for the local community and our officers.

The Lake Geneva community is very fortunate to have wonderful police and fire departments that truly care about the residents, visitors, and everyone else they protect in the community.

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Brisk Fall Day on Beautiful Geneva Lake

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