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Free parking starts in less than two weeks.
Lake Geneva offers free parking from November 15th through February 29th, and winter parking regulations start on November 15th and run through March 31st.  Winter parking regulations are those special rules put into effect because of the potential and reality of snowfalls. With winter making an early entrance, the winter parking rules will be enforced. Overnight Parking is prohibited in any metered stall between3 a.m. and 6 a.m.  The unmetered parking areas prohibit parking between 2 a.m. through 6 a.m. If snow has not been plowed to the curb line vehicles are to find another location to park. Last week Lake Geneva received its first snowfall and clean up by city workers, and business operations alike, was questionable, at times.


Dawn Heath, President of Join the Movement to Stop Human Trafficking attended the Committee of the Whole meeting in Lake Geneva and gave a presentation on the issue and its impact in Walworth County.
The mission of the Join the Movement organization is to educate all communities on human trafficking, what it is, what to look for, and how to help. Dawn is a part of many organizations, all geared towards giving back and helping others.  She normally works at Sugar Creek Church, is president of Elkhorn’s Rotary Club, and is actively involved in outreach programs in the community. Human Trafficking is defined as; exploitation of another person for commercial gain.  This covers a very broad spectrum, from prostitution to migrant labor camps. This problem is not just a big city problem. It has reached small towns and rural areas, including Walworth County. Technology and social media are big contributors to the problem, and children are oftentimes the victims. Dawn did a great job presenting a difficult but necessary topic.

Opening April 2020

Inspired Coffee Lake Geneva

Inspired Coffee is coming in April of 2020. They are looking forward to bringing the community together and enriching the lives of those that work at the coffee shop.

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