The Bright Side

The Geneva National residents are not happy.
None of the homeowners interviewed, who are living there through the winters, have any understanding at all about what the Ice Castle coming there as soon as winter really sets in, will bring in the way of any benefit to the community. The people way down the road, where the Ice Castle will be erected, are stunned; all those people, all those cars. The main road clogged every weekend. There is nothing else for people, who go to the castle, to engage in once they get done with the twenty or thirty-minute tour of the place. The National is converting its sports shop over to a gift store, and one other on-site structure will be used as a small place to buy some food and snacks. But there’s nothing else for attendees to do once they go through the castle, except to leave so others can come and take their place. Somehow, the way the Geneva Shore Report sees it, there’s going to be some black humor going on when the tsunami of people and cars overrun the high class, big-money development. Most people who buy homes that expensive and put them in a gorgeous gated communities do not like having flocks of unknown people and visitors not vetted at all, roaming around the neighborhood.


Public Comments from Lake Geneva Committee of the Whole Meeting


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