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Tombstone Legislation.
It takes patience and persistence to lay the foundation for an issue, but like a squeaky wheel, if the issue is real and serious, then it will be addressed or a disaster will occur. For an issue to be successfully addressed before a disaster occurs, it takes timing and tying the issue to the current wave of conscious thinking.

One of the current waves of thinking within the City of Lake Geneva relates to the preemptive steps that should be taken to assure the safety and preparedness within our schools. Knowing the underlying issue is the concern for children, students, and teacher safety, an article in the GSR was written to broaden that concern to include the safety of those traveling to and from schools, because nationwide 28 times more students die as a result of going to and from schools than they do while being in them. The intent of the article was not to undermine the school safety efforts but to broaden the scope of safety to include the road safety issue around all schools.

It appears to have been successful in that a stoplight is again being requested by Police Chief Michael Rasmussen for the difficult and dangerous intersection at the corner of Highway 120 and Bloomfield Road, which is very close to both Lake Geneva Middle School and Badger High School. Students, teachers, and residents who have had to cross that intersection are only too aware of how difficult and unsafe that intersection can be. The state was also aware of that potential problem and had the wiring for traffic lights installed at that intersection when the road was built, but despite a previous request form Police Chief Rasmussen, the state has not installed any stoplights at that intersection. With the location of the schools, a new church and the buildup in that area, it is hoped that the state will respond favorably to the Police Chief’s new request before a fatal accident occurs. It is better to take action to prevent an accident than to wait until one occurs, but often the state waits until after one or more deaths have occurred to respond, which is why this kind of legislation is often referred to as “tombstone legislation.

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