Little Gems

Twilight Solutions.
Lights at the Riviera: Richard Driehaus does it again, with another grand donation to the iconic Riviera property in downtown Lake Geneva. His newest contribution to the Riviera property will include outdoor lighting, and not just your typical lighting either. There will be uplighting on all the trees out front, color changing LED lights in the fountain, and twinkling lights of all kinds in the bushes around the fountain. Does Driehaus know more than the rest of us do about the remodel and renovation in the works for the Riviera? Is all this fancy refurbishing of the Riviera to match what grandness everyone might expect to see in the near future? Either way, a big thank you to Richard Driehaus! This donation is one of many that Driehaus has given to Lake Geneva and his generosity has not gone unnoticed.

LED Lights for the Fountain


The Lake Geneva Beach is hereby and forthwith closed for the season.
The ice castle is coming. The workers are down there on the city beach every day getting the superstructure that precedes the pouring of the water to make the ice. They are also busy making designs in the sand that will outline the large structure. Last week Ice Castle creator Brent Christensen arrived in Lake Geneva form Utah to start the layout and design of Lake Geneva’s first Ice Castle. GSR reporters had the privilege of talking with Brent who explained some of the processes. “This is no minor task and will take months to get completed.” Jessie, the site manager, arrived Monday to start the setup of equipment for the growing and harvesting of tens of thousands of icicles needed to create the half-acre size ice castle. “Once the equipment is ready to go we wait for the cold to come.” Jessie anticipates that near Thanksgiving the temperatures should drop enough for the water to get turned on and then the icicle factory will be in full motion, let’s hope mother nature is on our side. This process will be a lot of fun to watch and the daily changes will be drastic. What a unique and very cool attraction to have here in Lake Geneva!

Ice Castles



Lake Geneva High School.
Homecoming 2018 for Lake Geneva high school students begins this week. Monday through Friday there will be a theme each day for dress up just for fun like PJ day and tacky tourist day. On Friday the students will have a Pep Assembly to raise school spirit and to raise community spirit the Homecoming Parade will be on Friday, October 12th at 44:45 p.m.downtown Lake Geneva and the big football game against Union Grove will follow.

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