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Perhaps no one could know more about all of the corruption that has gone on in the City of Lake Geneva for the last 15 years better than a city official who has been there through all of it.
Over the last 15 years, there have been multiple serious lawsuits against the City of Lake Geneva, many sizable and some very large indeed, like the Hummel property, the Hill moor property, and the Peller assessment. Most, if not all cases, were caused by the words and actions of city officials or staff. There have been cases of missing and misused public money, like the library missing a hundred grand, lakefront cash, use of fountain money, personal and departmental misuse of city credit cards. There have been multiple scandals including car towing and disposition of towed and impounded vehicles, the free salt for services, free storage, and the scrap for cash.

During this time there has been almost a complete shuffling and turnover of city leadership personnel, with multiple mayors, numerous alderpersons, and various department heads. The turnover has been almost complete except for a few that are still on various committees.  There is one leadership official, city attorney Dan Draper, who has been there the whole time.  With very rare exceptions, when Dan Draper excused himself from a case or situation, he would have been involved in all strategy discussions, all lawsuits, settlements, city investigations, defense, and legal action involving the city, city officials, and employees. Since he provides defense and advice on behalf of the city and city employees, one would expect him to know a lot about the scandals, cover-ups, and illegal actions and know whom and to what level various people were involved.

What the city attorney Dan Draper knows, he remains silent on, however, and although he is also greatly restricted on what he can reveal, he can use that knowledge. His position reminds me of the confessional priests of the Middle Ages who heard the confessions of everyone in the town, so they had special access to private information not available to others about every sin, infraction, violation, and crime. That knowledge could also give them the ability to secretly guide, direct, and control people without appearing to do so. So, like those confessional priests of the Middle Ages, it would be interesting to know what the city attorney knows (and likely uses, for the benefit of the city, of course) that is hidden behind his attorney-client relationships. Once more, on Monday night the city attorney invokes secrecy. Prior to the meeting, he circulated a secret memo, which is kind of a first and got many laughs from some recipients. On top of that, the council on Monday went into secret session once more to talk about the White River group who still want to develop the land.  The secrets discussed were revealed by confidential sources following the meeting, but did Mr. Draper have to require that the meeting be confidential at all. Maybe he’ll send another confidential memo around.

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