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Possible room tax rate increase from 5% to 8%…has been continued (that means not implemented yet).
Some of the committee members feel more information is needed, and the hotels should be given a ‘heads up’ before the issue is voted on. Mayor Charlene Klein did ask one rather cagey and clever question: “do the hotels notify us before they increase their room rates? No, so why should we give a heads up or a notice to them?”

These two issues seem to be two completely different scenarios and common courtesy seems to be a good enough reason for most members to give hotels notice prior to the change. Also, the question of what would the increase from 5% to 8% mean to the city and its general fund should be answered.

Lake Geneva’s comptroller, Karen Hall, was the up to the task and said, as far as extra money for the city, that result would be almost non-existent, as, after a certain percent, more would go to other areas like tourism commission and Visit Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva Tourism Commission is a big supporter of The Riviera and the grand renovations it is under, so any extra money received from the room tax rate increase could be used towards the hefty price tag the renovation job holds in store for that project. This acknowledgment only seemed to raise more questions from the committee members, as to why zero dollars have been raised through the Riviera Ad Hoc Renovation Committee, and its fundraising component. Since the advent of the application of measures to minimize the effects of the virus it has become much more problematic and difficult to raise money for such projects, and this is evident by the results of this committee’s efforts.


Elkhorn’s 15th annual Oktoberfest will be this Saturday, October 17th, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The event will start with a 5K run/walk, which offers competition for all levels, and then stick around to enjoy the craft vendors in the square, a car show, live music, and over fifteen food trucks with local and German cuisine. The beer and wine tasting are being done a little differently this year. There will be an All-Around Town Wine & Beer Tasting event with glasses that will be sold downtown at the Elkhorn Chamber booth. Each glass will come with a map and include participating establishments where tastings will be available. Tasters will have access to one-dollar tastings at all participating locations.

Place of the Week

Farm Stand Lake Geneva

The Farm Stand has moved from Fancy Fair Mall to 707 Main Street. The wonderful old fashioned country store is a must while strolling Lake Geneva’s downtown.


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