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Resource Officer: Badger High School has a new resource officer.
The previous officer was Kara Richardson. Officer Richardson was great and beloved by the students and staff. Kara has been rotated so she is back at the department fulfilling her many duties as a Lake Geneva Police Officer. The new Resource Officer is Theon Ward. Officer Ward has been with the Lake Geneva Police Department for some time and knows the community and schools well, so it was natural for him to take over where Richardson left off. Officer Ward spent time before the school year starting to get to know the lay of the land by prepping with Richardson on safety procedures, and the daunting task of keeping the youth of the community safe and happy this school year. Officer Theon Ward is great and his talents and skills seem a good fit for the Badger Resource Officer.


“Tuesdays at Two” at the Geneva Lake Museum is a fun informative event. This event is presented every Tuesday, and it covers many topics which affect the Geneva Lake area. Tuesday, September 24th is a first for the museum, as the presentation will take place at 2 p.m., but with an encore at 6:30 p.m. The topic is Hillmoor and the history of this iconic property. With the future of Hillmoor at stake this very day a presentation on this popular topic is a must-attend event. Charlene Klein, along with Mary Jo Fesenmaier, and Hank Sibbing, will be jointly sharing the presentation of Hillmoor’s History.


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