The potential sale of the Lake Geneva West End Piers, located just west of the Riviera complex.
It seems unbelievable, but this subject came onto the agenda of the Piers and Harbors Commission.  This agenda item was added at the request of some person named ‘Ron’ who called Joni, chairperson of the Lake Geneva Piers and Harbors Committee.  That’s all it takes to get on that committee’s agenda, apparently.  That the city could not sell those slips without unlikely approval from the DNR and considerably large amounts of complaints from the public (probably including most people who lease these slips who figure out that a private buyer could take their low municipal rates and run them sky-high) is almost a given.

What is normally decent and bright Joni doing with her position?  Only attending the meeting will tell the tale, as she said she would be very interested in public comments coming from the item being placed on the agenda.  Comments that the committee is certain to get on Tuesday night but that will be after the Geneva Shore Report goes to print in hard copy.  Anyone interested will have to either check out the video of that meeting online at the GSR’s Facebook page or wait for the following week’s paper to be published.


Impact Fees.
These fees are a one-time fee imposed on new developments and are designed and used to fund the improvements, expansions, and additional capital costs new growth creates. Impact fees can cover a variety of projects that large residential and or business developments create a need for such as additional or larger facilities for different utilities including water, sewer and storm, transportation, fire, law enforcement, EMS, Libraries, waste, and recycling facilities, outdoor recreation such as parks and athletic facilities, also highways and traffic devices fit into the guidelines on what impact fees cover.

Impact fees, in general, need impact fees studies to know what departments are affected and how before funds can be allocated. Impact fees do not cover everything even some things that are obviously affected or a need for is created due to development such as schools and first responder or other service vehicles so it is important to utilize the fees collected on what it can leaving more funds available in other areas to finish the needs list. With all the recent and projected development in Lake Geneva impact fees have been and will continue to be a topic at city meetings.

City officials are concerned with the growing need for new facilities that the growing population creates, some are concerned enough to request officials to approve with great caution future developments. Public comments at the committee of the whole fit right in with this thought process. Lake Geneva is growing, and impact fees need to follow suit.  The city council, on a roll after going after the annexation of a good portion of the Town of Geneva and then voting to audit the BID, also voted to study the return to charging full impact fees.  The fees will be analyzed to see about amounts.


The Lake Geneva Fire Bells need your help and Sunday, September 19th, is a chance to show all our community support.
The Fire Bells are an all-volunteer organization on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to aid community first responders around the lake. They also aid, as requested by local fire departments and law enforcement agencies, for a variety of emergencies, including hazmat, SWAT calls, dive rescue, and much more. Their services are provided at no cost to the citizens but done out of pure goodness and wanting to support the communities.

Although their vehicle is kept at the Lake Geneva Fire Department, they don’t receive any funds from the city, county, or state. If you would like to help this wonderful organization then join them at Hogs & Kisses from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday the 19th Tickets for the event are $15 and include your choice of a hamburger, BBQ pork or BBQ chicken sandwich, choice of fries or chips, coleslaw, soda, and a scoop of ice cream from Scoop’s. Please show your support for this caring organization that puts our community first.

Video about Fire Bells from our Facebook Archives
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Lake Geneva Fire Bells

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