During the Cold War, the United States created and then applied a system of storytelling that came out of a unit first called Psychological Operations and then merely PsyOps.  The idea that was floated at the time was based upon the undeniable success the government had in making the public of the time (this was the sixties) derided, disbelieved, or discredited if any stories about UFOs were told to the media in any of its forms.  People who told such stories, based upon their own experiences, observations, or even alleged contacts with aliens were to be held in contempt and ridicule.  That program, mounted even before Project Bluebook was created to allow the military to investigate UFO phenomena while denying that any alien contact, materials or sighting had or could have or did exist at all.

PsyOps went to work during the Vietnam era and attempted to make the war over there more plausible and more slanted toward what the administration in the White House and in the Pentagon wanted.  They had neglected, however, the size and power of the already embedded media and their messages (most often titled ‘revolutionary development,’ totally failed.  But they were not put off.  They had earlier invented one key phrase that has stuck with the American culture to the point where its use is nearly as effective as the anti-alien attack on anyone who did not stick to the story that there were no UFOs.  That phrase was called ‘conspiracy theory.’  A single-story would be created for whatever situation that required that the real truth not be allowed to be known.  That phrase came into its own after the assassinations of JFK and RFK, and that phrase developed real horsepower and came to be believed.

The stories put out about those two assassinations, impossible to substantiate, could not be unsubstantiated either without a public buying into a conspiracy theory.  That phrase became the mark of the devil, and that mark was lashed out and onto anyone who wrote, spoke, investigated, or published anything that varied from the story chosen upon.  To this day, every major mass media supplier of the news publishes that Oswald and he alone killed JFK (even despite the congressional investigation that concluded that his death had to be the result of a conspiracy).  RFC was killed by Sirhan even though more bullets were dug from the walls and victims than his gun could possibly have held.  The building was subsequently torn down and destroyed so no forensics would ever be followed up.

We have just marked or honored the twentieth anniversary of 911, as well as the war in Afghanistan.  The ‘weapons of mass destruction’ sent us into Iraq and war there along the way.  Any stories that conflicted with the reasoning for our killing rampage there were labeled conspiracy theories at that time.  That neither Iraq nor much of anyone in Afghanistan was behind the 911 massacre is known today, but the reasons for your being there and participating in all of that remain hidden behind the phrase.  The mystery of 911 will remain with us all, all who are reading this for the rest of our lives.  There is plenty of stuff, mostly video, that does not support the story that was very quickly created and then told to the waiting public only a very few days after the event occurred.  What really happened?  Everything but the fact that some young Arabs semi-trained in U.S. flight schools, took over airplanes with boxcutters, and then flew them at full speed into the buildings is called a conspiracy theory.

What has all this done to our nation?  The mass media has been suborned and now moves to print ‘news’ that is mostly made up of stories that are acceptable and most often approved by one powerful force or another in Washington D.C.  The Trump presidency, think whatever you want about the man as a leader, took advantage of what PsyOps had figured out earlier.  You shout the story and attack anyone and everyone who espouses any disbelief in the story or in any variance from it.  The shouting is loud and continuous and supported by the same mass media that helped create it.  The mass media has generally bought into a story about how all these serial stories might not have truth at their foundations the one thing they all have is patriotism and the protecting of the American culture.

Jack Nicholson got to deliver a great line during a trial in a movie he made about Guantanamo.  He said the words “you can’t handle the truth,” very effectively and loudly.  It didn’t work in the movie because the movie was scripted, but it works oh so well in real life.  North Korea is still touted as a real possible enemy of the U.S., and that’s a long-established story.  How can a country with a gross national product that’s little more than half of Vermont’s (the state with the smallest gross national product at 34 billion) be a viable enemy of a country that has a gross national product of 34.5 trillion dollars?  But any story about how this little bitty impoverished nation is powerless against the USA is instantly labeled a conspiracy theory.

America is being very sincerely and very justifiably fooled by its leadership, and that applies to both parties. They mean well. They do not believe that the citizenship has a clue, and they also intend to keep it that way.  The real quiet centers of leadership are not about to be denied; the pentagon, the giant corporations (tech, energy, information, banking, and all of that), and those quiet members of a group that meets once a year in Davos, Switzerland to decide on who gets what for the year ahead on this planet and who gets nothing.

The Geneva Shore Report is ‘protected’ in what it writes in its op/eds here merely by size.  The paper is too tiny and has too few readers or followers to bother with, or so we sincerely hope.

~~ James Strauss

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