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A violent attack the night before the big annual Walworth County Fair opening had the public on edge.
Last Tuesday night August 28th a young female left work and was violently attacked resulting in serious injuries. The family of the victim became worried when she did not return home after work as usual. The family discovered the victim in a vehicle located in a parking lot on South Lincoln Street in Elkhorn. A 911 call was placed immediately and the victim, who due to her injuries was unable to communicate, was transported to Aurora Lakeland Medical Center.

The police have little to go on beyond a vague description of what is believed to be the assailant fleeing the scene. They believe the suspect was wearing blue jeans and a dark shirt with different colored sleeves. There also was a maroon conversion van that was seen at the scene prior to the attack, but this vehicle has been identified as well as the individuals affiliated with the van and they do not appear to be involved in the attack. This is a very serious and scary crime that is not common for the small town of Elkhorn or any other town in the surrounding area. Many have been left a bit fearful and are questioning the many visitors invited into to the area to work and enjoy the county fair. The identity and current condition of the victim have not been released, and not a lot of information has been released at this time due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.

The police are asking for any information anyone may have. Detective Bass and Detective Bushey can be reached at 262-723-2210 or you can call Walworth County Crime Stoppers at 262-723-2677.

Anyone Home?

Aurora Hospital Oconomowoc.

Nurses station at Aurora Hospital in Oconomowoc.
Nice Building… Nobody home…..

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