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That headline is a lyrical excerpt from a song by a group called the Hollies, but the general meaning of it applies to what’s going on with this new climate change all humans are experiencing together, although in many different forms. Climate change, the general warming trend the planet is unquestionably going through, does not always mean higher temperatures. It does mean, however, that trying to forecast what the weather or temperature is going to be, short and long-term, has become almost impossible using traditional tools and understanding.

This unpredictable problem is being exacerbated by the condition of planetary warming having become political and economical when it comes to what, if anything, is to be done to moderate or deal with it. This is exemplified by the temperature reports coming out of the NOAA. They are being minimized.

For example; Lake Geneva temperatures, if check on the Internet, come back as averaged temperatures for the entire area, and not the temperature of the exact location requested. The Geneva Shore Report began weather reports every morning, as the summer of 2018 began. Now, the GSR is also reporting afternoon weather. One of the things being presented in those news video reports is the actual temperature measured by various means right down in the small park that fronts the Riviera Pier complex. The GSR has recorded temperatures in excess of 90 degrees 21 days since June 1st. The NOAA has recorded this occurring during only six days. The NOAA makes no apology for presenting mean temperatures instead of actual temperatures (they have no instruments in Lake Geneva or anywhere close…Burlington being the closest). The NOAA feels the temperatures are close enough to be accurate.

The politically powerful forces in Wisconsin and nationally make no secret of not supporting beliefs that conclude the planet is warming, and the NOAA kind of reporting supports that. In actuality, Lake Geneva should be cooler than most of the closer surrounding areas because of the simple fact that Geneva Lake has so much mass and does not heat up during the summer to anything approaching 90 degrees. Temperatures should cool as one gets closer to Lake Michigan, as well. Denying global warming, and even playing with the temperature results, is not going to change how much impact is being felt from such changes but it will assure that nothing can be done about a trend that is building to a point where the effect is going to seriously affect the comfort of all humans, if not survival itself.

The inaccuracy of weather information provided to small communities (as Lake Geneva is certainly one) is inadequate. How many other areas of analytical results are lacking information? Failing to have solid scientifically derived results on things like weather, parking, tourism, small business revenue, and city facility usage prevent valid planning that might allow for increases in quality and quantity across the board. There is no measurement available about how many cars or people visit the Geneva Lake area. There is no effort at all to even closely approximate this number. There is no real data published about how many people use parking spaces during the summer period. How much revenue do the small businesses generate every year? This information is proprietary and therefore secret. Lacking valid statistical foundations there is no way to plan and build a better structure to maximize revenue or returns on investment.

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