Another digital messaging sign will be added to the downtown area.
Not everyone is pleased with the look of this type of sign and the distraction which can cause safety issues that these digital signs create. The museum gave a great presentation, sharing the necessity and benefit of adding the sign to the museum’s property so they could have more visitors and make more money. Dale, a marketing representative paid by the Geneva Lake Museum, along with a nuts-and-bolts guy named Dave from Bower Sign and Lighting Company, spoke on the sign application filed by The Geneva Lake Museum. The library already has an almost exact copy of the sign the museum is hoping to install on its property. The only difference is the museum will be six feet tall instead of going up seven feet like the library sign. The sign will be an electronic messaging sign just like the library sign which the leadership there is very happy with.  Everything at the library, from installation to final product, including the informative messaging capabilities went extremely well, and the museum is hoping to enjoy those same results.

The museum has experienced more business than ever now that virus-related shutdowns are no longer a thing and would like to continue this trend (even if means that possibly more people will be hospitalized and die). The sign will list upcoming events and encourage more community attendance and support, and, of course, generate more revenue. The sign will be located on Mill Street and the messaging board will be visible on both Main Street and Mill Street. The museum spokesperson says that she believes the sign will help highlight the lake communities and share the rich history the lake communities all share.  All the communities will not be sharing the additional revenue, however.  The new electronic sign is a perfect focus for the Geneva Lake communities and will help the museum fund its presentation efforts.  The ambiance or community beauty the sign will certainly not add was never a real issue for discussion.


The Business Improvement District is not messing around.
The new board went before the Lake Geneva City Council and asked that an audit be performed. The city council turned the BID down, even though it holds the collected BID money (taken in from dues paid by all downtown businesses) in city accounts, and then writes checks to cover expenses from those accounts. Why would the city council turn the request for an audit down?  There’s only one reason that comes to mind.  The city council has some old friends who served on the previous board that likely pulled some financial shenanigans, and those friends are still around in other positions.

The city council told the BID to audit itself, which doesn’t seem to make much sense because all the hard data is in city hands (the Lake Geneva City Treasurer and City Clerk).  What is the BID supposed to do, issue subpoenas?  It’s becoming pretty clear that there’s a scandal waiting to be revealed somewhere back in the BID’s finances, and it’s also becoming pretty clear that the former board, the board that resigned almost as one when the new people came in, was possibly playing some financial games that nobody wants to be investigated or looked into.  What were those alleged games and what allegedly went missing from the BID budget under that previous board’s tutelage?

Speedo Condos is head of the BID.  He and Dimitri, the owner and operator of Popeyes, are driving this audit.  The audit was on the agenda of the BID set for Wednesday morning.  That will be too late to make this edition of the GSR but stay tuned for the daily news videos the GSR does to find out more as it goes down.

Lake Geneva Animals

Bison and Lake Geneva Safari park

Lake Geneva Safari is home to many wonderful animals. Here’s just one of the Bison posing for the camera!


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