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Geneva Lake’s first significant snowfall.
Quiet. Clean. Pretty. Those three words describe the snowy white covering that lay over the entire lake area on Monday morning, greeting a day that’s not generally associated with those three descriptors in the American culture. Not these days, especially in politics. But the snow has been a welcome break from the below zero temperatures that came and stayed for weeks. Driving is more difficult, but otherwise, the snow’s a delightful change.

Snowfall Walworth County


Property taxes are due at the end of January.
You can pay half the taxes on your home or condominium at the end of the month, and then the other half in July without serious penalty. But if you miss paying on the day the taxes are due that provision of the law does not apply. January 31st is the big day unless you pay in person. Yes, there is a little bitty secret written into the arcane code. If you pay your taxes in person then you actually have until February 5th to make the payment. There seems no reason for this small codicil in the law, but it is there, according to knowledgeable tax attorneys living in Lake Geneva. If you send your taxes in, then be careful. The Feds demand taxes be postmarked on the day you send them in and they go by that. The state does not use that standard. The state of Wisconsin and the counties in the state go by when the mail was delivered. When they receive it. Or when they say they received it. Yes, you are at the mercy of the state or the counties, to tell the truth. You might want to think about that for a bit.


A man went to a local auto dealership and bought a car for a friend.
The dealership sold the car to the man, accepting his check for full price. The man wasn’t buying the car for himself. A friend of his was along and he paid high five figures for the friend to have the car without negotiation. The man paying didn’t negotiate because he was so drunk he could not stand up without support. The two men left the dealership and went home. The man who paid for the car woke up the next day and did not remember buying anything. He found out three days later after his check had cleared. The money was all he had in this world. He called the dealership, but the dealer said they would do nothing. He called the bank and the bank would do nothing. He called the friend who he was told he bought the car for and the car was titled to that man. He would do nothing. So, he called the Geneva Shore Report. Later in the week, GSR X-Files investigators will go out to attempt to resolve this difficult case. Should the dealership have sold an expensive car to a man so obviously inebriated and expect to walk cleanly away? Should the friend have so exploited him and figure he can walk away clean? How can this situation be made right? Maybe if everyone’s name or identity gets put in the paper some movement might be initiated before the police and attorneys are called in.


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