The Bright Side

Should old acquaintance be forgotten and never brought to mind?
The answer is, emphatically, no! People whom we’ve known or know us should not be forgotten. Everyone we have ever met has added to who we are, and who we are helping to intimately define why we are who we are and also the way we are. That applies to all of us as individuals, and collectively as a nation, even the world. The past does not go away, it continues to effect, create and absorbs the future. The life that we all share, is like the foundations of rock making up the earth’s surface that are built up by layers and layers of past events. Like the fossil fuels that we use today to the elements form exploding stars that make our technologies possible, past events no matter how we view them or how they were created, we would not be here as we are today without the past that made us and all of what we have possible.

The true importance of the past is only seen by those who don’t have one or who have lost it. Like a newborn or one with Alzheimer’s. Without a past, one is alone, lost and afraid, seeking security and reassurance. They will cling to, follow and hold on to anyone or anything that can supply a sense of security. Few things are more important than the past, but in remembering the past we must not forget that one of those things that are more important than the past is the future.

Enjoy 2018!

Person of the Week

Lindsey Hayes Lake Geneva

Lindsey Hayes is a wonderful young woman. She fell in love with a puppy named Sky ten years ago and they have been together ever since. Sky was born with some heart issues that have plagued him his whole life. If you want to help, make your contribution at online.

Mystery Bubbles

Mystery Bubbles Lake Geneva

Mystery bubbles, or “whatever” percolating south along the shore near the Geneva Inn.

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