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April 26, 2017. What’s important about that date? That’s the day Dimitri, the owner’s son and former manager of Popeye’s, accused of strangulation, suffocation, substantial battery with intended bodily harm and disorderly conduct on October 4th (case filing of charge), goes to pre-trial at 2:30 p.m. Unless Dimitri makes a deal with the court, he goes to trial on May 1st and 2nd. Dimitri has pled not-guilty to the H and I class felonies and also to the misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge. There seems to be little question about what happened that night when Dimitri “adjusted” the lives of certain employees working there, what with a video of the event having been confiscated by the police and turned over to the Walworth prosecutor. In a county that has one of the highest conviction and incarceration rates in the entire United States, Dimitri’s chance of doing time would ordinarily seem pretty high. However, in looking at those same conviction rates closely almost anyone might conclude that wealthy people who break the law and are convicted for it mostly do time in ‘chateau arrest.’ What’s going to happen in the Dimitri situation may well reveal more about the Walworth court system of justice than about what really happened that night. The Geneva Shore Report will have reporters attending the next hearing to keep the public posted.


Denay Coco Bay is coming to 259 Broad Street in downtown Lake Geneva. This new company has been putting up posters in downtown Lake Geneva. In that poster the new company lists Denise Swan as the principal operator. She’s also listed as the agent on the incorporation documents with the State of Wisconsin. A Google search provides information that Denise is also currently working, or was working, with Something Blue, a wedding advisory service. The new business here, with another shop in Naperville, again according to the Internet, is going to be built in to provide manicures and pedicures. They are also going to offer professional make up to their clients, with an emphasis on weddings and special occasions. It is most interesting that the same property owner who leases to Mia Faccia Spa, a spa that has come in to do fabulous spa work with a tremendous staff and facility, is just a few doors down Broad Street at 235, on the same side. Denay is going to have its work cut out for it competing against that great place, especially with the new state laws that require such expensive ducting and air flow because of the caustic chemicals used in such procedures.

This land is your land and this land is my land…..  From California to the New York Islands, and right on down to the edge of Geneva Lake’s waters, lapping at the shore.  Do you believe in conspiracies? Why are so-called conspiracy theories so popular?  The phrase was actually created by psychological warfare operatives after WWII, to get the public to disregard secret operations they were conducting.  Instead of denying these operations, when discovered, these operatives brilliantly portrayed the witnesses as liars and mental nut cases.  How does any of this apply to Lake Geneva?

  • How is it that this well-prepared, multi-attorney (including City of Lake Geneva’s own city attorney) and well-greased operation to allow the Geneva Inn to develop down to the water’s edge has occurred in ‘coincidence’ with moving the finance committee to a room where there’s no audio?
  • How is it that, ‘coincidentally,’ Spectrum dropped Channel 25, the channel that showed the city council meetings that used to be televised every Monday night?

The conspiracy theory here is that these things are linked, and that this conspiracy is much bigger than the public has any idea about.  This conspiracy has the Geneva Inn being the point of annexation development that Hummel, and the Dells crowd of high finance, are attempting to use to turn Lake Geneva into a boiling tourist cauldron of water parks, water shows, parking lots and limited access without the residents paying to use anything that might be left of the lake when they get done taking it.  There is no centralized authority that rules the water of the lake.  None. Not the state, the county or the communities around it.  It’s virgin territory out there, and all these cold-hearted and classless developers need is a way to get to it.

These dark forces may media these other voices but they are not going to silence the Geneva Shore Report.  We’re going to fight like we’ve never fought before.  This land is your land and this land is my land, and we’re going to let them know that.  By God!

Update on Projects

Row Homes Fontana

The new follow on development being built in Fontana, Wisconsin.
Note the special winter construction, allowing the wooden support boards to be hardened by mold.

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