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Elizabeth Chappell.
Once again this rather offbeat, but solidly intellectual alderperson, comes through in speaking at the Lake Geneva City Council Meeting of the Whole (COW) on Monday night. Following Ed Yeager’s brilliant speech about the value of maintaining the small town flavor of Lake Geneva, and not letting the “anything for more tourists” Darien Schaeffer (Visit Lake Geneva Director, making more than a hundred grand a year) over power him with his supposedly huge internet success numbers. Chappell sat up and spoke about why she became an alderperson and what she said echoed Ed Yaeger’s comments. That these special people are speaking out at this time, when the forces of ‘develop at all cost’ proposals are trying to sink the city and violate the lake front, is wonderful. The responses of some male alderpersons to Chappell could be considered a “bit snarky”

Why do people move here and why do they live here? For the ambiance, the beauty and the peaceful nature of the lake and its communities. It would appear that the current city leadership of Lake Geneva, the faux Visit Lake Geneva group, and then the developers at the Geneva Inn and Hummel, are forming an axis of business evil that may well turn Lake Geneva into a vastly more successful generator of return on investment to outsiders than the Dells ever thought of becoming. Thank you Ed Yeager and you, too, Elizabeth Chappell. You are the true fiber making the fabric of the Lake Geneva cloth tough enough to turn back this new onslaught of tourism predators.

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Lake Geneva City Council discussion of Tourism Commission

Mark your calendars. Local equine enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the annual National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA) has chosen the Walworth County Fairgrounds as the 2017 location for the National timed racing competition this year. Mark calendars for August 18-20, 2017 The event is being moved from the Alliant Energy Center in Madison Wi.  The NBHA found a more comfortable and better-equipped location in Walworth County. The Geneva Shore Report will be following closely and share information on this coming summer event.

Persons of the Week

Brad and Sarah Deschner Lake Geneva Police Department

Brad and Sara Deschner have been the coordinators of the Delavan Train Show for the last ten years. Brad and Sara originally had no interest in trains or train shows. That all began when they wanted to spend quality time with their young son, and, in using trains to accomplish that, they’ve never looked back. These are some really wonderful and caring people. Come out to the train show this weekend, March 11th and 12th.



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