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By law, only the plan commission can recommend changes to the city’s comprehensive plan, but the change will not go into effect until the city council passes a resolution approving the change. So, with the changes that the plan commission has made to the Hillmoor property, the City Council has recommended only four options regarding those changes:

1.) If the city council agrees with the plan commission’s to change the city’s comprehensive plan, then it can pass them and forever end the Hillmoor property as the city’s only large undeveloped open space area near the city’s center.

2.) If the city council does not agree with the plan commission changes, then it can vote against the proposed changes, and the changes will not take effect.

3.) If the city council doesn’t like some or all of the plan commission’s changes to the city’s comprehensive plan, then it may send it back to the plan commission to reconsider those changes.

4.) The city council can also table the changes indefinitely, or for a specified period.

So, what will the city council do on November 13th?

Will it vote against the plan or will it approve the plan, and by doing so make it just one more regrettable, irreversible act to be remembered? Like the annexation of the Hummel Property; or the four aldermen who were being sued because of their previous actions, and voted to change the comprehensive plan for Geneva Ridge to settle a law suit against them; Mayor Chessen’s illegal suspension of these same four alderpersons; or the destruction of the Northwestern Train Station Depot. These have all left scars on the City of Lake Geneva.

As the wait goes on for the city council to vote on the Hillmoor property, it is wondered why the plan commission approved the comprehensive Plan change for the Hillmoor property in the first place, when virtually 100% of the residents, and general public opposition expressed at the public hearing, opposed changing the land use status of the property. The plan commission is intended to represent the citizens of the city and that is why the state gave them the authority that they have. But the City of Lake Geneva’s Plan Commission does not represent the citizens. This plan commission is dominated by one segment of one district, and that represents a small minority of one district that benefits from development. The city council is the last stand for Hillmoor. All hopes are resting on this single voting opportunity to stop the out of control plan commission and preserve Hillmoor for the future. This is in the city council’s hands. The city council alone will be responsible for saving it, or for approving the property’s demise.


One of Walworth Counties residents and horse enthusiast Heidi Jo Dawson (of Dawson’s Creek Ranch) on her buckskin, Skip’s Gold Moocha at the NBHA world show in Perry Georgia on November 4th, 2017. Heidi, a self-taught barrel horse racer walked away with the Championship title, and approximately $3100 in cash, a championship belt buckle, several finalist belt buckles, trophy saddle and much more.

In spite of the loss of her father the day before, Heidi pushed through for the win. Hosting many barrel competitions at her own ranch she knows the show must go on.  Congratulations Heidi!

Heidi Jo Dawson and Skip's Gold Moocha

Heidi Jo Dawson and Skip’s Gold Moocha


Nick’s Upholstery, located next to the Fontana Frog at 543 Valley View Drive, offers more than just wonderful upholstery work. The people there have a fabulous retail showroom filled with new and restored furniture, home accessories, gifts, and interior design ideas. Nicolae, Leah, and Nicole Pastiu are a great family and they work so very well together. The extensive list of repeat customers and the beautifully put together showroom almost speak for itself.  But the main feature you will be struck with is just how wonderful and accommodating these terrific people are when you go in.

Nick’s Upholstery

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