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The great McDonald’s makeover is underway.
Although delayed two weeks due to a construction backlog, the redo of Lake Geneva’s favorite fast food hangout is underway. There may be some discomfort, and some delays, but most likely not in food service. Three successive visits were taken by GSR staff ordering coffee and quarter pounders with cheese. The fastest service time from order to delivery was one minute and twenty-one seconds, and the worst was one minute and forty seconds. Now that’s pretty astounding. The place is going to be almost like it was before; bright, open and cheery.   The Geneva Shore Report X-Files fast food consumers will keep testing and checking to see how the place is doing, as well as making sure that it remains the cutting edge of the very meaning of fast food.


Heart and Soul, the new snack shop on Center Street, opens in two weeks.
The build in is nearing completion on this neat little shop, where people will be welcomed to enjoy all kinds of sweets, desserts and lunch fare. The team opening this shop, have done all the work themselves. They will now change hats to become the cooks and servers of this new neat looking place.


Dr. Scary’s haunted house out by Lolli-Pup’s is ready to open, but they can’t.
They’ve worked to make this house the best haunted house the county has ever seen. Maybe even the state. But they’ve run into a solid wall of opposition. They failed to get the necessary permits when they began the rebuild of the house to make it appear haunted in every way. They did a great job, and now have belatedly applied for the proper electrical and other permits needed. What’s going to happen? Halloween is only a month away. Can Dr. Scary get the necessary permits in time? Go for it Dr. Scary!

Dr Scary’s

Dr. Scary's Haunted House, Delavan

Dr. Scary’s Haunted House


Armed robbery.
The last armed robbery in Lake Geneva was three years back when the PNC bank was robbed. Until this last weekend, that is. This time it was the Phillip’s 66 station located just down Broad Street next to Su-Wings. The station was held up for cash (they don’t have credit card acceptance on their outside pumps) and the hooded robber, noted clearly in video recordings, is currently unknown. This robbery also makes one think about the wisdom of Mike Seick not immediately upgrading the pumps on the only other station in Lake Geneva that does not have credit card acceptance pumps.


Does a man have the right to profit from his labor?
Perhaps the question should be what percentage, or how much of the benefits of one’s labor should, be entitled to keep, and how much of that benefit or what percentage of one’s benefits should go to others?   Putting it in simple terms: A person takes a tomato seed and plants it, and takes care of it, and waters it all summer, and it yields 5 tomatoes. How many tomatoes should the person be able to keep and how many should the government take so that it can operate, and how many should it take and give to other people? Then, to whom do those that receive the tomatoes from the government thank, the government or the person who grew them?

If the problem were that simple it could be solved, but it is not, because the wealthy (the people with the five tomatoes) run the government, but because it is a democracy the wealthy who run the government need the support of the non-wealthy to be elected. They believe that they need to give out the tomatoes to get that support. The dilemma has been solved nationally by letting the wealthy keep their tomatoes and then having the government borrow money so it can operate and give money to the non-wealthy, so that they can buy the tomatoes from the wealthy. That way the non-wealthy get the tomatoes that they need, and the wealthy get all the money and the government which is our nation goes broke (currently a 20 trillion-dollar debt). In the past, the next step with a debt like this, would be a collapse of the currency or at least a serious devaluation of the currency, but before that is done the wealthy would transfer their assets to a foreign currency, so that they would not lose money when the currency was devalued or collapsed.

However, that collapse of the US dollar is being delayed. The dollars that were once backed by gold, then by the country’s ability to produce goods, is now being backed by its last line of defense; the country’s mineral and underground resources (oil) and the belief that they are there. Since much of western civilization is tied to the US dollar, a collapse of the US dollar could take western civilization with the U.S. if it were to fail, but as long as the belief in the country’s resources and money holds out, the US dollar will remain secure.   In spite of all of this maneuvering, tomatoes appear to remain a good investment.

Krista Stoll Wobig

Krista Stoll Wobig

Melissa Kuen

Melissa Kuen

Two women facing charges due to their involvement in the explosion on January 9th that took place at the Cove in Lake Geneva have picked new charges.
On Thursday September 28th The Walworth County Drug Unit executed a search warrant at 219 ½ North Wisconsin Street in Elkhorn. The family living in the downstairs unit was evacuated for the SWAT entry. The upper unit was vacant but evidence lead the authorities to believe that squatters had taken over and meth was being produced. No one was in the unit when the search warrant was executed but crystal meth making material was found. Arrests have been made. The two women, Krista Stoll Wobig and Melissa Kuen, were charged. The Walworth County Sheriff’s Department, DEA, Health Department, Elkhorn Police, and Fire Department assisted in the cleanup.



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