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There are several areas of the current Riviera at Lake Geneva that could be significantly improved in a redesign.
One of the best ways to assure that the redesign is a true improvement is to get a list of the problems with the current layout from those who have worked there, or catered there.

For example: The elevator and the kitchen area on the upper floor are inconveniently located at diagonally opposite corners of the room. Thus, the delivery and clean up has to go through or around those attending the party or wedding. If the kitchen area was located along the wall by the elevator, it would simplify the delivery, set up and clean up. Furthermore, relocating the kitchen area on the front wall, would also enable the current kitchen area to be used for viewing the lake. The redesign needs to include both function and aesthetics, as well as adaptability, for various types of functions for today and for tomorrow. The more knowledgeable the people who offer suggestions, then the better the understanding the city council will have, and the better their selection of what the final design should be.

Cartoon of the Week
Terry O’Neill

Cartoon bt Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva


Holy Communion Episcopal Church at the corner of Geneva and Broad. Holy Communion Episcopal Church
This lovely church is like something out of an old Bing Crosby set. It is really the most welcoming place to visit on a Sunday morning. The ‘crowd’ isn’t a crowd at all. It’s just a few quiet people, mostly taciturn until that part of the service when everyone gets up and walks around to meet everyone else. Then they are all smiles, and you simply have to smile along. Because they mean it. After the service, conducted by a visiting “supply” priest because the church is tiny and underfunded so it can’t afford its own priest, they serve coffee, tea, and home cooked goodies in the basement. Everyone sits around big tables and talks for quite some time.

The  Holy Communion Episcopal Church congregation is having one of their bi-annual flea market sales on Saturday, October 7. It will be set up right next to the what they refer to as Grandma’s Kitchen, because it is. The ladies of the church bake cookies and other deserts and sell them right there. This church is a neat warm place to come into, to get out of the cold, even on a warm fall day. They need a little help, but they won’t ask for it. They need a few more people, but they won’t beg anyone to come. The supply priest, in his sermon, said something of deep merit. He wondered aloud about how often God calls us and we don’t answer, or how many times He steps in to help, but we write it off as an accidental positive circumstance.

Is God calling you? Go to the flea market, get some of those cookies, and then come and hang out with some of the doubting staff of the GSR. Come in out of the cold, even if it’s warm outside right now. Ten a.m. is the service. They need a priest. They need you. And, after being among those people, you might realize you need them.


Oktoberfest 2017.
It’s here. The biggest celebration during the entire Lake Geneva business year is not Venetian Holidays, or the ice carving competition. It is Oktoberfest. This fall extravaganza will include all sorts of purveyors of food and fun on Main and Broad Streets. Broad Street will be closed down near the intersection with Main  on Saturday and Sunday October 7th and 8th, 2017 from 11 am-8 pm on Saturday and 11 am-5 pm on Sunday.  Bratwurst, sauerkraut, and all manner of sweet delights will be offered, while the new beer tent will also be open.

Persons of the Week

JC and Kathy Sallee, Walworth

JC and Kathy Sallee that have made the Linn Presbyterian Church one of, if not thee, largest rummage sale in Walworth County. They’ve have spent the last seven years gathering, assembling and helping organize the twice-a-year sale at the church. JC says it’s time to turn the baton over to some younger people, but there’s no question about the terrific job he and Kathy have done over the years.



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