Looking at the Bright Side

The first Christmas Advent tree went up, and its lights are on, at the corner of
South Lake Shore Drive and Willow Road (where Louie’s Pizza is located).

Every year the Geneva Shore Report leases the north eastern corner at this intersection of roads along the south shore of Geneva Lake in order to pay homage to the Christmas tradition of Advent. The four weeks before Christmas are celebrated every Sunday leading up to the event. Advent means “coming” in Latin, and this word is also used to signal the beginning of the “liturgical” year for most Christian religions across the world. For the Geneva Shore Report, it is something a bit more and a bit less.

In reality the GSR celebrates Christmas as wildly as possible in this new “news” age, where most news is covered using negative or violent events to illustrate reality and attract viewers. Reality is what we, the viewers, need to understand everything, however. The four weeks of Advent, for the staff of the GSR, are four weeks of not only getting ready for Christmas, but really putting to work the compassion, care, concern and bliss of taking time to be everything we claim to be, and be filled with bliss while we are doing it.

The GSR Christmas party will commence at four p.m. On December 23rd at the GSR offices located on Sheridan Springs Road. A woman recently showed up at the Geneva Java Coffee Shop (a GSR hangout) and informed the managing editor that she would not visit the GSR offices because they were located in a ‘broken down old warehouse.’ The editor responded to her comment in typical GSR style: “that’s why the offices are where they are.”

So come to the GSR celebration of renewal, doing good works,
and yes, the coming of Christ.

GSR Advent Tree

The single first Advent tree that went up on Sunday night, to be joined by first three to complete the series (all in white bulbs) and then the fifth on Christmas Eve (with celebration of color bulbs). What’s the meaning? Great care. Meaning. You are one with us, even if we don’t agree. Family. Friends. Love. All the other icky stuff we can’t really talk about. Merry Christmas.


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